Military holds “camaraderie” walk, renews oath of allegiance

The Maldives National Defence Force (MNDF) early this morning participated in a walk to armed forces held a walk this morning to display unity and camaraderie, reports Haveeru.

Officers renewed their oath of allegiance in Republic Square and then walked around Male’, chanting and waving the national flag, according to the local newspaper.

Haveeru cited a spokesperson as saying that the purpose of the event was “to show that the forces are not be afraid to lay down their lives to protect and defend the nation and religion against external enemies and threats.”


4 thoughts on “Military holds “camaraderie” walk, renews oath of allegiance”

  1. What a pathetic display. They are only afraid of a few Policemen. Maybe about 30 Policemen. I have lost all respect of the MNDF and the Police.

  2. I hope and pray that countries like UK, India, Sri Lanka bans these fellows going to those countries. They cause so much difficulty for other religious people to come to our country. However they go abroad and have a good time in night clubs - drinking and womanizing and then when they return to Maldives - they pretend that they are like holy people. The MNDF and Police are a disgrace to our Nation.

  3. How could they defend the nation against external threats, when they could not even defend The President against 30 unarmed Policemen?
    If an external threat comes now I believe they would be the first to join them and enslave our country.
    Just because they take a new oath does not mean that they are all clean now and forgiven. In the eyes of Almighty Allah, they have sinned against their oath.


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