MDP MP calls for investigation into allocation of 50 Hulhumale’ flats to MNDF officers

Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP) MP Ibrahim Rasheed has requested the Anti Corruption Commission (ACC) and Human Rights Commission of Maldives (HRCM) investigate the proposed allocation of 50 flats in Hulhumale’ to military officers.

MP Rasheed made the request in a letter forwarded to both commissions, according to an MDP statement.  The request, sent to the two commissions, claims that the allocation of 50 flats to officers in the Maldives National Defense Force (MNDF) is a “clear violation of the people’s rights.”  The allocation is to be taken from 1000 residential properties currently being constructed in Hulhumale’.

Rasheed claimed in his statement that the government has already decided to built flats in certain areas to provide housing for military officers, and therefore “taking away 50 flats belonging to the people” paves way for corruption.

If the government decides to give flats to MNDF today, he warned in future that more flats would have to be awarded to police and customs officers, as well as other independent institutions.

Meanwhile, the statement says that MP Rasheed had described the allocation of the flats as an example of the current government’s use of “undue power and influence” to attack people’s constitutional rights, asking the two commissions to investigate such actions.

He has there requested both commissions to block the allocation of the 50 flats to military officers and return the residences to the people.

Earlier this month, Defence Minister Mohamed Nazim announced that 50 flats on the island of Hulhumale’ will be awarded to military officers alongside financial assistance to help them keep up with payments.

He said that a committee headed by Brigadier General Abdulla Shamal will oversee the awarding of the properties to candidates from a “pre-set criteria” and officers from all ranks are expected to be included in the scheme.  The MNDF has announced it will also provide assistance to officers facing difficulties in meeting the required payments on schedule.

ACC Deputy Chair Muaviz Rasheed today said that he could not confirm if the commission has received the case concerning the military flats, or if an official investigation had started as he was currently on leave.

Rasheed did note that another investigation into the development of a military training facility on Thanburudoo island as a surf resort was currently underway.  He said no decision has yet been taken on the case.

Prior to the announcement on awarding flats to military officers, the news broke about the development of a tourist surf resort on the island of Thanburudoo under the newly established MNDF Welfare Company.

The decision attracted heavy criticisms from the local surf community after the MNDF confirmed that the island was to be awarded to a third party, identified as Singapore-based group Telos Investment, without an open bidding process.

The Maldives Surfing Association (MSA) hit out at the proposed resort development on Thanburudoo – known to be a popular surfing spot – claiming it will substantially reduce local access to an already limited number of high-profile waves in the country.

However, Telos Investment President Dr Gunnar Lee-Miller told Minivan News at the time that it would be issuing a statement soon regarding the project and the potential impacts on national surf development.

“To be sure, there is a robust surf development plan for local surfers and fruitful discussions with Maldivian Surf Association Leaders have already commenced,” Dr Lee-Miller responded by SMS earlier this month. “We care greatly about the development of Maldivian surfers both in Male’ and the outer atolls.”

Minivan News had not yet received a full statement from Telos Investment about their plans.


11 thoughts on “MDP MP calls for investigation into allocation of 50 Hulhumale’ flats to MNDF officers”

  1. it is better to do an investigation on Anni and his associates for the money that he had robbed in last three years.

    ACC should checked Anni and his associates accounts in Singapore and I am sure you can find the where the
    ' GMR cut" had ended up and why MDP was so adamant about the GMR deal.

  2. What is it with MDP and the grudge they have for the military?

    you MDP big bellied thugs didn't point out when reeko big mouth moosa got the project for his heavy load company(has anyone noticed how quiet this bugger is now???!!since he owes so much money to the govt, i guess)

    well, where is sheikh rasheed and the salary he took for the job which he did not even attend. not a hint of corruption eh, since he is from the religion;Mdp

    MDp is always twisting stories like when they said that we'll see military personnel handling resorts in the current govt when all along it was a deal made by Nasheeds administration-
    and so on and so forth

    guess the military has to pay for not abiding by the laws of the biggest idiot of the nation(who spits and keeps real baghees like ameen faisal as the defense minister)
    sigh, MDp is just pathetic

  3. It is clearly wrong to provide this privilege to just a few select individuals from a selected service. There are doctors, teachers, nurses, health workers and so on, that provide dedicated public services day in and day out in this country; most of whom get very little in the way of a reward for their hard work.

    What makes the military deserve more than any other section of our society that are equally deserving of such privileges?

  4. This is coming from the stupid mouth that ranted earlier, that only MDP supporters will be awarded houses, flats?

    But then, what can you really expect from these ignorant, utterly mindless, monkeys with donkey brays.

  5. I guess impartiality is out of the question. And what happened to all those strict rules and process that excluded people who actually needed apartments and flats?

  6. Mody and Shimy, let's call for investigations into all corruption cases eh. It's obvious that each political party will be calling for the investigations of cases involving people other than their own, but doesn't mean that the rest of us have to follow suit. And whether we like it or not, the Police and Military have lost the respect they once had from the general population, the day they took unconstitutional orders from the current government to beat people senseless. They very reason for these uniforms going against Anni was quoted as Anni giving them unconstitutional orders, so why follow the unconstitutional orders of Waheed government when they rioted against that of Anni's. Respect has to be earned and maintained, a uniform is just a uniform if it's wearer doesn't know how to respect it.

  7. @Mariya

    Yeah, MDP and a former president without a brain made them lose the respect!!

  8. @Shimy

    Nope, the actions of the police and military on the 7th and 8th of February and thereafter, made the general public lose any trust and confidence in the ability of the police and military to protect this nation. You may hate Anni and MDP all you like, but you can't change the events that unfolded right in front of our eyes on the 7th and 8th. Of course, if you would prefer to live in denial you can always look the other way, but then again, it still won't change the facts.

  9. Facts?

    Facts and points of vision are interchangeable. What are widely now considered facts are those that have been sliced and diced, and parts destroyed to maintain a semblance of a single story.

    Wih videos, audios, live coverage, captured from millions of POVs. Yet, what is going on Syria, Iraq, Iran, afghan; what happened during WW1,2, holocaust etc. are contested, debated at length.

    Facts? What you faithfully, believe are things that happened centuries ago, without backing evidence, all conflicting stories-cleaned version of hallucinating tribes of ignorant camel herders, strewn against harsh deserts of Arabia. Of course they lusted wine, women, young boys, power... All that were carrots in the front of the donkey, for thirsty filthy men.

    So, facts does not matter much. What matters are who is in power, how long he can hold on to it, how can he suppress, oppress others...

    Dear, that's all that is. All the saucy stories are a cover up.

    Israel is bombing gaza. Are they not facts from POV of the world? From IDF POV, it's just defence.

    Grown up and face reality.

  10. @Mariyam

    Sure, you people hail and prostrate infront of seyku Anni and Ameen faisal, who sent several soldiers(RIP) to their graves on Nov 3rd 1988.
    Well, then again who's living in denial and looking the other way???!!!

  11. @mariyam

    you can hate the military as much as you like but you can't deny the fact that most of us(except mdp)still have respect and love for them. Now, you will call me a baghee.kekeke

    PS:we believe in the military more than your stupid one man show Anni who could get in the Guinness world records for uttering the most number of lies and this is an unchangeable fact.


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