Ministry of Economic Development to license 24-hour food shopping

Shops, cafes and restaurants will be able to sell food products 24 hours a day under new licensing set to be introduced by the Ministry of Economic Development on January 1, Haveeru has reported.

Although some premises already operate 24 hours a day under a “special licence’ supplied by the ministry, the new regulations are expected to allow shops, fuel stations and eateries supplying goods such as sugar, rice, vegetables, fruits and curry powders to be able to remain open as long they want.

According to the paper, applicants wishing to obtain a licence will be required to register at the ministry as well as cover an annual fee of Rf10,000.

Deputy Minister of Economic Development Ahmed Inaz told Haveeru that the 24 hour licence would be available to shops selling any imported goods with the exception of clothing.

“Our objective is to provide every opportunity that is possible to the businesses. We are revising the business laws and regulations and getting rid of the useless things we have been doing,” he was quoted as saying in the paper.


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  1. Cmon. Shops are open too late already. Close all shops at 10 pm! Only have a few food shops open to serve those who arrive late in Male'.



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