National Security Committee to forward resolution prohibiting Israeli flight operations

The parliament’s National Security Committee (NSC) has today decided to forward a resolution to the parliament to prohibit operations of Israel’s El Al airline to the Maldives.

Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP) MP for the Madaveli constituency Mohamed Nazim, also a member of the NSC, today confirmed the decision to Minivan News.

According to Nazim the resolution will be forwarded to parliament Speaker Abdulla Shahid today.

”The speaker will then decided when to present it to the parliament’s floor to ask for a vote,” Nazim said. ”The decision was made following a request made by the Islamic Minister Dr Abdul Majeed Abdul Bari to pass a resolution to prohibit the flight operations to the Maldives.”

In May Israel’s national carrier El Al formally applied to the Ministry of Transport to begin flying to the Maldives from December.

President Mohamed Nasheed’s Press Secretary, Mohamed Zuhair, said at the time that he believed the government was inclined to grant permission to the airline.

Later in April religious party Adhaalath resolved to terminate the coalition agreement with MDP in the event that permission was granted.

Transport Minister Adil Saleem previously said the ministry was processing a license for El Al subsidiary airline Sun d’Or International Airlines, and claimed the partnership would create opportunities for Israeli tourists to visit the country while also facilitating pilgrimages for Maldivians to mosques around Jerusalem and other parts of the country.

In September the Adhaalath Party’s council voted to break the coalition agreement to protest the current government’s religious policy, citing the Israeli flight issue as a component therein.

This week Minister of Islamic Affairs Dr. Abdul Majeed Abdul Bari requested the NSC to endorse a resolution forbidding the government to establish ties with Israel.

Expressing his views on the issue, Dr. Bari told the MPs he “personally does not support the Israel airline to operate in the Maldives”.

Speaking to Minivan News, Dr. Bari said that he made the request because he believes “Israel has committed several human rights violations”.

Dr. Bari noted that Maldives should not stand with Israel as it commits atrocities against the Muslim brothers and sisters in Palestine.

“Maldives cut off ties with Libyan President Muammar Gadaffi’s government when he was killing, violating fundamental rights of his people. Similarly, Maldives should follow the same standard by isolating Israel for the atrocities committed against Muslims,” Dr.Bari said.


15 thoughts on “National Security Committee to forward resolution prohibiting Israeli flight operations”

  1. Comparison of GoM's actions with reagrd to Gaddafi is an excellent point. Good statesmanship. Well Done Dr. Bari!!!

  2. ha ha human rights? WOW what a hypocrite this Bari is.

    you muslims hate jews more than you love your children, you are racist people. you have not known a jew in your life, but you still hate them cos the rest of the people hate them. your blind and ignorant.

  3. Mullah Bari is measuring everything from same yard stick to fool average. Gaddafi was killing his own people to continue his brutal dictatorship. This moron cannot compare carrot with corn. Israel is doing what they do in the name of self defense from foreign aggression. May be they are wrong in their action to use unnecessary force to quell a more weak opponent. But this moron cannot justify two different scenarios with same standard. Either you have to say no to Israel because she is your enemy or you keep relationship with Israeli based on Israeli nationhood and keep reservations with their policies that you feel wrong. Mullah Bari can remain in Mullahs fold and go protest along with Adaalth and leave international norms to sane people. Or talk something sensible and leave his Mullahship.

  4. This is walking towards democratic values!
    Dr. Bari, salutes to your courage and stand!
    Indeed good statesmanship and good example of resolving differences through dialogue and discussion for the sake of peace!

  5. Hopefully, the resolution will be passed. There is no valid reason why the Israeli flights should be allowed.

  6. Pointless resolutions move at lightning speed.

    Important bills stay on hold for (literally) years.

    Great job, Parliament.

  7. Tell me ONE reason they should land on our holy land? They should never be allowed to.

    This political conflict is slowly destroying shariah law bit by bit. Thank god they havent still changed Allah's law to criminalize child marriage. But at this rate, it is not too far.

  8. Bari, you are right. I agree with you. We have to treat all countries which violate human rights and international law equally. Unless Israel stops its atrocities against Palestinians and establish peace with Palestinians, we shouldn't have allow their flights into our country nor should we have any diplomatic relations with them. Israel need to meet its international obligations just like any other country in the country in the world.

  9. Religions are destroying humanity and civilization.

    God must be laughing his head off, by the mortal attempts to secure his message. On the other hand, God could do much better, in the clarity of his revelations to human kind.

    Humans forget, are prone to err. Wonder why god forgot that?

  10. In my opinion it is not a very good decesion, we should think about our economy in terms of enhancing our living life. Cox of Isreal flights, muslim brothers & sisters never gonna beleive Jews system.
    Our belief is not that much week, isn't it ?

  11. It is not human rights, it's called religius right. We should tel Isreal to stop fighting with Plastin brothers & sisters, if Isrealies realy want to have a good relations with us.

  12. Jaiz, it is the Arabs who attack Israel. To put an end to the fighting, all they have to do is stop their aggression. There is nothing that Israel alone can do.


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