MNDF denounce social media rumors of weapon use

The Maldives National Defense Force (MNDF) has denied social media rumors claiming the military may use weapons on the public.

A statement by the MNDF today said such rumors were spread to incite fear and hatred, and undermine public trust in the military.

Following former President Mohamed Nasheed’s arrest on Monday, pictures of armed soldiers began circulating on social media, but the MNDF told Minivan News there was no unusual activity within the military at the time.

Tensions are high in Malé with the former president’s arrest, and the allied opposition parties have planned a mass demonstration for February 27.


One thought on “MNDF denounce social media rumors of weapon use”

  1. Which is saying something quite different from intercepted private communications between PPM thugs and the MNDF, permitting gang thugs to carry firearms for their personal use.

    So I say to the MNDF - use military weapons to protect your paymasters if you dare. But the question is - can you fire a gun when your muscles suddenly lock up, and your lungs start melting?


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