PPM MP Musthafa calls on PG to withdraw charges against Nasheed

Progressive Party of Maldives (PPM) MP Mohamed Musthafa has called Prosecutor General Muthaz Muhsin to withdraw terrorism charges against former President Mohamed Nasheed.

The MP for Thaa Thimarafushi told newspaper Haveeru yesterday that there were no legal grounds to raise terrorism charges against the opposition leader.

The military’s controversial detention of Criminal Court Chief Judge Abdulla Mohamed could not be an act of terrorism, the pro-government MP said.

Moreover, the “whole country should be ashamed” of the police manhandling Nasheed outside the court building on Monday, he added.

However, Musthafa denied rumours that he would be joining the Jumhooree Party.

Formerly an outspoken member of the opposition Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP), Musthafa defected to the PPM shortly after last year’s parliamentary election.


3 thoughts on “PPM MP Musthafa calls on PG to withdraw charges against Nasheed”

  1. Musthafa needs security for his future. Right time to move, MDP will welcome you as it has done to all its enemies.

    That is democracy. When politicians come to their senses, they will always run back to where honesty and truth prevails. Those who don't hope their accounts would be fatter

    ..a warning to them, one day you will have to explain how you got the millions when wages n other revenues can't justify it.

  2. i guess then first person that need to be question is MDP chair person Ali waheed ?

    He need to tell us how he got the money to buy two lands in Hulumale' and one land in Male '?

    I am sure he won't be able to buy all these lands from the income he got as MP.

  3. I guess Mr Musthafa had also better get ready to be ticked off or... OMG "penalized"..?! How many more need to be dealt with ...hmmm?


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