MNDF to acquire two robots to retrieve bodies from under the sea

Minister of Defense Mohamed Nazim today told local media that the Maldives National Defense Force (MNDF) is seeking to acquire two robot specialised in retrieving bodies of divers from the sea.

Nazim the first one is a “rover” robot of approximately US$12,000 with the capability to cut the weight belts, allowing the divers’ body to float. The second robot is one capable of bringing up a body that has sunk to the bottom of the sea.

He said that as a country surrounded by the sea, it is important to have a search and rescue capacity of retrieving bodies from under the sea.

Nazim said the idea was conceived recently while MNDF was trying to retrieve the body of Mohamed Jameel found 100 meters deep, off the coast of Kaafu Villingili island in February.