More than 150 searched in police special operation

Police stopped and searched 153 people during a 24-hour special operation launched on Saturday (December 15) to curb crime rates in the capital Male’.

Police said officers on patrol “questioned people out on the street late at night without a purpose” and monitored groups of people in various locations.

Article 47(a) of the constitution however states, “No person shall be subject to search or seizure unless there is reasonable cause.”

Police meanwhile said the operation is set to continue in the future to “make Male’ secure.”

At a press briefing in October, Assistant Commissioner of Police revealed that officers on patrol after midnight questioned 2,930 individuals in a few weeks and prepared their profiles.

The Head of Central Operations Command explained that police have been “questioning people awake and out on the street without a purpose after midnight” as part of the ongoing operation to curb crime in the capital.

Saudhi also claimed that the government’s decision to revoke licenses of businesses to operate 24-hours has led to a decrease in the crime rate.

In October, police requested the Prosecutor General’s Office (PGO) press criminal charges against a pair of 18 year-olds for refusing to submit to a search by officers on patrol.


One thought on “More than 150 searched in police special operation”

  1. In the Animal Farm, all animals are equal!
    But some are more equal than the others!

    By this we should understand that we should be afraid of the POLICE because Riyaz So had said so!
    And after collecting the bits and pieces of what ever is necessary for the night, the streets must be kept clean for the Police to take it easy and carry on their allocated duties!

    Old regime is back on the streets!

    We should forget about the many stories of the past about drug uses in various places coming out shouting and going into various tantrums when a case is reported to police!

    It is interesting to see the step by step to square one!


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