MP Alhan Fahmy returns to Malé following stabbing

Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP) MP Alhan Fahmy has returned to the Maldives after recuperating in Sri Lanka following a stab attack in Malé last month.

Local media reported that the Feydhoo constituency member returned yesterday, walking with a crutch following initial fears that the wound received to his back may have caused permanent paralysis.

Alhan, set to contest for his parliamentary seat as an independent later this month, is said to be planning a press conference in the near future, reported Haveeru.

The Civil Court last week accepted the MP’s request to look into the MDP’s Feydhoo primary contest – which took place just days before the attack. Alhan has claimed the vote was fraudulent.


One thought on “MP Alhan Fahmy returns to Malé following stabbing”

  1. Alhan was kick out from bi-election by Nasheed .

    There is a correlation between the attack and his decision to go on with the election as independent candidate.


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