Opposition MP Alhan Fahmy stabbed

Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP) MP Alhan Fahmy has been stabbed in Malé this evening, while at the Breakwater cafe in the artificial beach area of the capital.

Eyewitnesses have said that police caught and arrested one of the opposition MP’s attackers. Police officials were officially able to confirm only that a man had been stabbed at around 9pm this evening.

Minivan News witnessed a lot of blood at the scene, with a large area having been cordoned off by police.

The MP has been taken to ADK hospital for treatment. A video emerging in local media appears to show a stricken Alhan arriving at hospital on the back of a pick-up truck with what appeared to be a wound on his back, around the shoulder area.

Alhan’s brother is reported to have told local media that his brother received a stab wound to the back.

The results of the final MDP parliamentary primaries were officially revealed today, with Alhan losing the Feydhoo constituency seat to Mohamed Nihad, who received 316 votes to the incumbent’s 154.

After the results of the primary contest emerged, Alhan alleged irregularities in the vote via social media, declaring his intention to challenge the outcome.

I don’t accept the results of MDP Feydhoo Parliament Primaries . I have officially informed the party of election irregularities.

— Alhan Fahmy (@FahmyAlhan) January 31, 2014

The MDP’s primary election to determine the contestants for next month’s parliamentary elections, has been marred by suggestions of irregularities.

Machangoalhi Uthuru candidate Aishath Velezinee last week complained of manipulation of party registries, while prominent Raajje TV journalist Ibrahim ‘Asward’ Waheed suggested the number of ballots cast had exceeded the eligible voters after narrowly losing the Maafannu-south constituency race.

The MDP’s election complaints committee has investigated the latter, finding the contest to have been fair.

Political past

Alhan has had a chequered recent past with the MDP, rejoining the party in June last year after an apparently acrimonious departure in April of the previous year. Then party vice president, Alhan was ejected – alongside then party President Dr Ibrahim Didi – after the pair publicly questioned the party’s official interpretation of the February 7 ousting of President Mohamed Nasheed.

The Feydhoo MP subsequently organised a rally – sparsely attended – calling for the freeing of the MDP from its talismanic leader Nasheed. Alhan’s soon joined the government-aligned Jumhooree Party,

Alhan was initially elected to parliament on a Dhivehi Rayithunge Party (DRP) ticket, making him one of the few MPs to have been a member of almost every major political party represented in parliament, barring the DRP’s splinter party, the Progressive Party of the Maldives (PPM).

He was dismissed from the DRP in 2010 for breaking the party’s whip line in a no-confidence vote against then Foreign Minister, Dr Ahmed Shaheed

Last August, Alhan was summoned by police in connection with the alleged blackmailing of Supreme Court Justice Ali Hameed, using footage of the judge having sex with two foreign women said to be prostitutes.

The MP tweeted a screenshot of a text message he claimed had been sent to his mobile phone by Superintendent of Police Mohamed Riyaz. The text read: “Alhan, will make sure you are fully famed (sic) for blackmailing Justice Ali Hameed. You don’t know who we are.’’

Following a number of prosecutions of MPs during the repeatedly delayed president election late last year, the Inter-Parliamentary Union (IPU) requested an urgent visit to the Maldives.

Secretary General of the IPU, Anders B. Johnsson wrote to Speaker of the Majlis Abdulla Shahid, requesting that a delegation was sent to discuss steps to ensure MPs “can do their work unhindered, without fear of intimidation and harassment or attack on their physical integrity,” added the Secretary General.

Alhan’s name appeared on an IPU list of 21 Maldivian MPs being monitored by the group. The list included Progressive Party of Maldives MP Dr Afrasheem Ali who was murdered in October 2012.


13 thoughts on “Opposition MP Alhan Fahmy stabbed”

  1. Stabbing a human being and any forms of violence is unacceptable. We have to pray of Alhan's recovery.

    Having said that, we all know Alhan is still just an immature small kid, who jumped several parties.

    The real issue is this.

    Maldives political parties (PPM, MDP, JP etc.) all are using kids like Alhan (he is an entertaining speaker) and even film stars and sports stars to as MPs.. just to use the popularity of these kids.

    There is no honest intention on the part of PPM, MDP etc.. to solve the issues of the country. They would rather manipulate clowns, elect them to parliament as MPs to run a show.

    President Ameen Didi had a saying - 'a clever enemy is better than a dumb friend'. Well, its time PPM and MDP realize that the parliamentary seats they are giving to film stars, actors and clowns (God bless him in recovery but Alhan is also one clown) will not do any good to them. Those film stars will jump ship any time.

    Its 1000 times better to give parliament seats to solid and experienced individuals than to kids.

    Who stabbed Alhan? Many are responsible. All those who had used this kid for politics are all responsible...

  2. This is disgusting behavior and I wish this chap a speedy recovery, however as the country moves steeply into a Neo-Nazi dictatorship, he who dare question the powers and the El'Prezidentia Dynasty shall have to take risk and consequences like this.

    RIP Maldives.

  3. Umar should find innovative methods to curb the crime rather than concentrating on how to punish convicts. I think the best way is to tag every family member in which these convicts bred, mainly those families carry the same gene and everyone in such family is a threat to the society, I think Hitler’s Eugenic policy should be revised and instead of eliminating those people from society, monitor them by tagging as per Umar’s new innovation. Having said that you have difficulties in Maldives to tag, as it seems the Maldivain as whole are a result of some ancient method’s of Eugenics in which convicts were punished by leaving them to drift on high sea. You can’t see any family who is pure from criminal and anti social activities, therefore it might be difficult to tag them because then you have to tag everyone in Maldives.

    The MPS in Maldives are also very much like some unruly uncultured and behave like criminals therefore they face risk on the street same like gangsters. The Eugenic policy for Maldives should be to remodel a new generation in economically efficient environment and through education without any social virus like religion, and all kind of discrimination.

  4. Imagine a sword ripping your head apart, your guts spilling out of ripped stomach, punctured lungs, hacked limbs...

    Religions and it's protection has had innumerous wars fought, between otherwise normal and sane humans. All in the name of 'My God is best' motto.

    Pathetic human race...Driven hard by cunning deviants seeking power by exploiting ignorant men. Mordis is a typical example still hung onto to, happily lapping dessert camel butts.

    Regardless of the reason, ie politics, religion, the murders and the injured suffer greatly. And by the way,religion is the known form of politics of the era. It's all about material greed. What better way to point at sky and say, Boss wants me to have the power.

    Humans lacking humanity. Pathetic.

  5. How Umar will punish the culprit if MP is paralyzed, an injection to paralyze the culprit because the only justice for Alhan according to Umar’s philosophy should be to make his attacker also paralyzed from the waist.

  6. Richard . U seems like trying to accuse PPM for this stabbing ?

    What is in for this then ?

    Even Nasheed had manipulated the votes and Alhan got kicked out and he won't be able to contest in the upcoming election.

  7. Dons playing politics with pawns and puppets.
    At times a puppet gets stabbed - just colleatrral damage.

    Only with a sick psychology can the big wigs of PPM, MPD play this dirty.

    Mr. Anni Nasheed and Maumoon. How do you sleep at night after spilling blood..?

  8. Alhan has learned the hard way that to speak against Umar is to incur his wrath.

    Now, the question is this - will he submit and rejoin the PPM, or will he take this grudge to heart?

  9. Within 24 hours of speaking against the leadership of MDP, Alhan gets stabbed. Coincidence ?

    This is how democratic MDP is ! Voice your opposition and encounter the wrath of MDP powerful figures !

    Very soon, Lawyer Haseen from the MDP will stand to defend the two suspects of Masodi gang, just as he rose to defend Humam, the killer of Afraasheem.

  10. @ Maldivian.

    Dont u know what happened ? Alhan voiced his concerns that the primaries held by MDP were not held fair. He had done something similar in 2012, and MDP responded by kicking him out of the party.

    Clearly you do not have any knowledge of what happened to Alhan Fahmy prior before his stabbing (perhaps ) .

    If you had read some news reports, you would have found out that Alhan was expressing vocal opposition against the way the primaries were held. Similar contenders to the majilis primary of MDP have also voiced such concerns, that the powerful within MDP were trying to delegate certain powerful figures to Majilis posts. And now we have this !

    How you managed to relate my comment to Umar Naseer is spectacularly ridiculous ! Even a person with half a brain with some degree of general knowledge about Maldives current affairs knows that Umar Naseer has nothing to do with MDP.

    Then again, general knowledge and common sense is something which somepeople seriously lack !

  11. @Citizen.

    Before you go off into an egoistical tirade, allow me to mention that by your comments, its clear you are the one who has no information about who contacts him or not.

    But, as I hold the opinion of "Innocent until found guilty", I will attempt to resolve your lack of information.

    We know that immediately after the stabbing, PPM activists started gloating about an 'act of Allah against Alhan'. Hours before even the news got out.

    Think about this for a moment.

    As you can see, the real criminals are the PPM coalition and the gangs under their employ (which our good friend Umar confessed that existed under Yaagundaa's control).

    What does the MDP have to gain from killing off a MDP-aligned MP? Nothing whatsoever. What does the PPM have to gain from killing off an opposition-aligned MP? More opportunities to slip in their gang representatives into Majlis. Motive.

    What you lack is common sense - and your over-eagerness to tarnish the MDP's name blinds you to the facts.

    PS: Don't bother deleting that tweet. We have screencaps.


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