MP Hussain Waheed’s wife and daughter stabbed

Maldivian Democratic Party MP Hussain Waheed’s 29 year-old wife and four year-old daughter were stabbed in their apartment last night (November 5).

According to police, the assault is believed to have been the result of a family dispute. A 30 year-old man has since been taken into police custody.

Local media reported that the suspect, Mohamed Najah, was the brother of the Shaviyani Komandoo MPs’ wife. Najah had a criminal record for drug abuse and assault.

Following treatment at the ADK hospital, the condition of the mother and child is reportedly stable. The girl is however being monitored at the intensive care unit as a precaution.


One thought on “MP Hussain Waheed’s wife and daughter stabbed”

  1. This is a very sad.

    But worse were the murders that took several lives last year.

    No stones unturned. No stopping till prosecuted. Was what we heard then. Now, it's not even a issue worth discussing, it seems.

    Sad sad situation.

    Yet, all the politicians can think of is protecting their kind, under the privileges bill.


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