Six arrested in connection with assault

Police arrested six men in connection with a violent assault in the artificial beach area of Malé around 2:50pm yesterday (October 3).

The six suspects in custody include two men who sustained injuries in the assault, police said, who were arrested following treatment at the ADK hospital.

Eyewitnesses told local media that the assault occurred when a man wearing a mask and carrying a machete knife entered the Dine-more restaurant.

Shortly thereafter, he was chased out by four men, who followed him into the Shawarma cafe on Majeedheemagu. Equipment and property at the cafe were damaged in the altercation.

Police said the suspects were arrested from the scene of the crime.

While two stabbing incidents occurred last week, a spate of violent assaults in the capital in August – which police said was a series of gang reprisals – saw two young men stabbed to death.