Murder convicts sue correctional services for refusing to authorise marriage

Ahmed Murrath and Fathmath Hana – sentenced to death for the murder of lawyer Ahmed Najeeb in July 2012 – have sued the Maldives Correctional Services (MCS) for refusing to authorise their marriage.

According to local media, the first hearing of the lawsuit filed by the couple last year was scheduled for 1:30pm today. Inmates are required to seek authorisation from the MCS for marrying while incarcerated.

The pair have also appealed the Criminal Court’s guilty verdicts at the High Court. At a hearing last month, Murrath told the appellate court that police coerced his confession to the murder.

His lawyer had previously told the High Court that Murrath confessed in order to escape punishments he received during the investigation period, including sleep deprivation.

Murrath and his 18-year-old girlfriend Hana were arrested and charged with Najeeb’s murder after his body was discovered by police stuffed inside a dustbin, badly beaten with multiple stab wounds.