Nazim ordered to return after treatment in Singapore

The correctional services has ordered convicted ex-defence minister Mohamed Nazim to return from Singapore, where he is currently seeking medical treatment.

According to CNM, assistant superintendent of prisons Ibrahim Mohamed Didi sent letters to Nazim’s wife and his father on May 5 saying the prisons authority has learned that Nazim has completed his treatment.

The retired colonel was found guilty of weapons smuggling on March 26 and sentenced to 11 years in prison. He was granted permission to seek medical treatment overseas for a period of 45 days.

The deadline for the medical leave expires on May 24.

Nazim’s legal team has said that he has a doctor’s appointment on May 23 and will come back by the deadline.


3 thoughts on “Nazim ordered to return after treatment in Singapore”

  1. Let Yaameen talk to himself the whole night out and into the bright day light, and hopefully, with some luck he will fall down with exhaustion. With the top leadership behind bars, MDP shall not see him face to face at any negotiating table weather it is good or bad for the country. Why does this man wants to talk now?

  2. These Yadeebs and Adeebs remind me of my four year old, even he has more common sense than this lot.

  3. Your ex defence minister has proved that medical treatment is available in Singapore. So you don't need to come to India and take up hospital beds that are meant for Indian nationals.
    Did you know that you can also go to Saudi Arabia and Egypt for higher studies and to Pakistan for drug detox treatment? The Pakis have the same scary drug addiction rate as yourselves and are very experienced in treating hash and heroin junkies. So there is no legit reason for Maldivians to travel to India at all.
    Where is Hero.....locked up in some high security asylum?
    Where is Habibib.....on jihad in Syria with other low IQ Maldivians?
    Where is Kashim.....has he joined the Saudi mutawwa?


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