MVR 3000 fine for man who hit police officer

A man who attacked a policeman during the Usfasgandu take over in 2012 has been fined MVR 3000 (US$194.81), local media reported.

The Criminal Court ruled that Hussain Faheem of Thaa Madifushi Faransaage hit the policeman in the chest whilst he was on active duty on May 29, 2012.

Faheem has been ordered to pay the fine within one month to the court.


One thought on “MVR 3000 fine for man who hit police officer”

  1. People hit police, people get fined!
    Police hit people and nearly kill them, but nothing happens, and no fines!
    What an equation and what a way for the Baaghee government to make money on the people for their upkeep!


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