“No idea” why criminal court has taken so long to process museum vandalism case: PG’s Office

The Prosecutor General’s (PG) Office has revealed it has “no idea” as to why two individuals charged with vandalising the national museum last year have yet to be brought to justice.

The two men, accused of damaging archaeological evidence of Maldives’ pre-Islamic Civilisation in the national museum in Male’ on February 7, 2012, failed to attend their trial hearing at Criminal Court scheduled for today (February 25).

A media official from the PG’s Office told Minivan News that the two suspects had originally been charged between September and October last year, but were yet to face trial in court.

Asked as to why the Criminal Court had taken so long to process the case, the media official said “we have no idea”.

The official was then asked if the PG’s Office had made any attempt to question the court over the delayed trial, to which he responded: “No, we haven’t questioned the court, we have taken no action yet.”

Last month private broadcaster Raajje TV aired leaked security camera footage showing a group of men vandalising around 35 exhibits after they stormed the museum amid the political chaos of February 7 last year.

Police in May 2012 forwarded cases against four suspects to the PG’s office, however the case was initially returned to police for further clarification.

Speaking to Minivan News, Police Superintendent Abdulla Nawaz said the case was then sent to the PG’s Office on July 8, 2012.

Local media reported that two men – Mohamed Nishan of M. Haadhoo and Yousuf Rilwan of G. Adimagu – were due to attend a trial hearing at 10:00am this morning over charges relating to the case.

However, a Judiciary Media Unit official said the hearing was cancelled after the two defendants did not receive their summoning chit to the Criminal Court.

“The chit was sent by the court to the homes of the defendants, but they did not receive it. So now the court will have to send a new summoning chit for a new trial hearing,” the official added.

Minivan News contacted the Criminal Court Spokesperson who, when asked for information regarding the case, gave an unclear response. When Minivan News asked for clarification, the spokesperson hung up.

Minivan News then attempted to contact the spokesperson, but he was not responding to calls at time of press.

“99 percent of Maldives’ pre-Islamic history destroyed”

According to museum director Ali Waheed, the vandals destroyed “99 percent” of the evidence of the Maldives’ pre-Islamic history prior to the 12th century, including a 1.5-foot-wide representation of the Buddha’s head – one of the most historically significant pieces at the museum.

An official at the museum told Minivan News following the incident that the group “deliberately targeted the Buddhist relics and ruins of monasteries exhibited in the pre-Islamic collection, destroying most items beyond repair.”

“This is not like a glass we use at home that can be replaced by buying a new one from a shop. These are originals from our ancestors’ time. These cannot be replaced ever again,” the official said.

In September 2012, the United States government donated US$ 20,000 (MVR 308,400) to help restore and repair the damaged artifacts, as part of an effort to preserve Maldivian cultural heritage.


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  1. Really? You sound surprised! This must be hot news for you!

    Have you heard the public cries, over the past 10 years, of the utter failure of the Criminal Courts of Maldives?

    The Judges are corrupt to the bone! IF you have not realized that 10 years ago, you are not fit to be serving the public.

  2. Watch this video. Pretty much sums up where the Maldives is headed when things like this happen:


    They are soon going to introduce beheading. Amputation and stoning would probably follow. Congratulations. Instead of moving forward with the rest of the world, these neanderthals are moving back to the stone ages. This is what happens when you think a non-existent god will solve all your problems for you. Any other alternatives where real hard work is involved, are avoided.

  3. Somehow this reminds of sad the news when the Bamyan Budhhas were brought down by Talibans. I was not aware that any thing like this happened in Maldives - until I read this news. This is sad - losing part of your culture.

  4. I have no idea why Gay (who are mostly child abusers as well) individuals are protected by Gayoom, Nasheed and Waheed government! Well known and repeated Gay and also who abuse under aged young boys are roaming around in Maldives and also holding prominent positions in government (Majlis, judiciary and executive) and also they are well financed!! Hive no idea why they are protected!!!! Tell me! Why??

  5. History will never go away! But the role of the present government in destroying Maldivian identity, both pre-Islamic and Islamic, has now become part of a tragic history documenting the downfall of what was once a peaceful, cultured and unified nation.

  6. Some how this seems fishy. The secularist in MDP staged this with some kids who dressed up like them. We all know Maldives museum is not monitored until recently. The secular movement wants to show the world a picture of Afganistan in Maldives so that they win support of the west. Its a foolish move! US and Europe politician believe in religion unlike some MDPians!

  7. Four billion years ago, there was a very hot smouldering rock orbiting the sun. It cooled down, and masses of water formed over its surface. In this hostile, oxygen less atmosphere, micro life forms appeared, governed by the universal laws of physics.

    Those life forms began to evolve into more complex structures until they managed to break down water molecules releasing oxygen into the atmosphere. The oxygen rich atmosphere that followed resulted in ever more complex forms of life.

    Another two to three billion years down the road, a small string of islands in the Indian Ocean were inhabited by descendants of those very early life forms. They had a curious tendency to imagine superior beings and pay homage to exotic sculptures.

    Several centuries passed away, and those customs of the inhabitants changed to one of imagining an even superior invisible being. They wiped out or hid their earlier sculptures.

    More centuries passed away. Some of those sculptures hidden away in earlier times were discovered by archaeologists and were duly housed in a museum. Decades passed away, and the culture of these inhabitants once again took a strange turn of events. Some of them took a great disliking to their historical past and decided to wipe out any evidence of it.

    From microbes to Buddha smashers in 4 billion years...

  8. @mauroof on Tue, 26th Feb 2013 8:46 PM

    That paragraph above has more miracles than all heavenly books combined.


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