MWSC Managing Director dismissed

Malé Water and Sewerage Company’s (MWSC) board has dismissed Managing Director Ahmed Umar from his post, reports local media.

Speaking to Haveeru, Chairman of the Privatisation Board Mohamed Nizaar said that the board decided to terminate Umar and said an individual to replace Umar has been suggested to the government.

Haveeru reported that Umar was appointed to the post of the Public Company by President Abdulla Yameen on a Jumhooree Party slot in the coalition government.

MWSC and its management were severely criticised for lack of response after the capital’s 130,000 residents were left without running water for nine days following a fire at the MWSC desalination plant in December.

After a government request for assistance, India, China, and Bangladesh airlifted bottled water, while both India and China sent in ships equipped with desalination plants to produce water for the capital.

Normal operations resumed at the Malé water plant on December 13.


One thought on “MWSC Managing Director dismissed”

  1. MWSC has become a political entity now. WMWSC is not a company with values. It is purely a lucrative business.

    Employees also not ethical in terms of the business.

    Do you know how much they owe to the local market. They do not upkeep their words. Specially Hassan Saeed (BDM) is destroying the company. Now no law, now ethics, no recognition to the MWSC.

    Why this deterioration for MWSC. Reason is no proper management team or top level staff to carry out the business.


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