MDP calls on the government to hand power to JP leader Gasim

The Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP) has called on the government to hand over power to Jumhooree Party (JP) leader Gasim Ibrahim in light of recent events.

At the party’s emergency national council meeting, the council agreed to support a decree brought forward by former president Mohamed Nasheed urging the government changeover.

“The country is under a very dark cloud at the moment,” said former President Nasheed. “The president is not fulfilling presidential duties and ruling in absentia. So it is better for him to handover governance to Gasim Ibrahim.”

While presenting the decree to the members of the national council, Nasheed said that the government had failed in ensuring basic necessities for the people of the country and that President Abdulla Yameen should handover the government to Gasim since he was able to secure almost the same amount of votes in the first round of the 2013 presidential elections.

Gasim polled third twice in last year’s presidential elections – successfully requesting the first vote be annulled before again finishing behind Yameen and Nasheed in a rescheduled poll. Gasim eventually threw his support behind Yameen, forming a coalition that saw the latter win the presidency before relations soured earlier this year.

Nasheed highlighted the lack of a presidential response during the ongoing Malé water crisis saying that the president was nowhere to be seen.

As the MDP council was meeting, President Yameen briefed the public for the first time on the water crisis.

When about the MDP council decision, Yameen responded by saying that the governance of the country is handed over by the people, saying: “I do not pay much attention to such talk by Nasheed.”

“I would like to respond by saying that the shares of this country was sold to foreigners. I raised my voice against this as a member of the parliament. The question of handing governance will come when the presidential seat is empty,” said Yameen.

The former president also noted the growing insecurity amongst citizens, with an increase in gang violence, while saying that the government has done very little to curb these crimes.

“There has been 7 murders so far this year. While there has been overall 20 stabbing incidents there has also been cases of 6 people taken as hostages,” detailed Nasheed.

The early hours of this morning saw the most recent death in gang-related violence with a 28-year-old man being stabbed to death by group of men.

Police have denied any arrests related to the death although local media report that 10 men have been arrested related to the violence.

While discussing the decree before voting, MDP Rozaina Adam said that it is unclear who is really in charge of the government at the moment and that the president should step down if he is unable to fulfill his presidential duties.

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7 thoughts on “MDP calls on the government to hand power to JP leader Gasim”

  1. Since Qasim has not explicitly denied it, there is all the reason to belive that Qasim is a part of it.

    But having said, everyone and her grand mother know that Nasheed would not want Qasim to be in power..

    So why is MDP thinking tha Maldivains are dumb idiots.. well, only Nasheed, the genious know the answer.

  2. I new these guys are crazy, but never thought these guys are so idiotic.

  3. This problem has been primarily created by MDP government, by PRIVATIZING the Main WATER SUPPLY of the CAPITAL of Maldives - Male`!! Truly shocking!

    This is THE FIRST & FOREMOST PRIMARY FUNCTION of the SERVING GOVERNMENT to ensure seamless and non-stop supply of Electricity, Water and Security to the common man , for WHOM the GOVT. WORKS! These are the BASIC HUMAN RIGHTS of a Common person! This should NOT be left to a private party! What is the ONLY thing a Private Party will do --> REDUCE THE COST OF SALE in the NEXT BILL!!! --> After the damage is done. NO feeling for humanity or living conditions. For them, it is just money. They will turn around and say ---> We offered you a discount right?

    AND we innocent Maldivians, will turn around and say, "Ya....true... That is correct...., FORGETTING all the Misery, anxiety, tension and trouble.... We have ourselves to be BLAMED to be sucked into this ABSOLUTE POLITICAL MESS!

    Secondly, it is extremely sad & unfortunate that none of the previous governments OR the current government (They are NOT new anymore!), have taken any steps to create a PLAN B! Also, the Crisis Management team should already have had a specific plan to effectively implement a PLAN to take care of such CRISIS, In case it happens! There is NO SOP or plan! WOW!

    When will we learn? After TEN years of Tsunami, we still do NOT have ONE SOLUTION to avoid the catastrophe that occurred during the Tsunami.

    We JUST LOVE to criticize, curse & blame each other, once the disaster happens. And like fools, we absorb & embrace all the things that these silly spokespersons keep talking (TWENTY MILLION DOLLARS for REPAIRING THE PANELS & THE CIRCUITS!!!!)

    PLEASE , LET US TAKE THIS as a CALL from Allah to WAKE UP , START EFFECTIVELY PLANNING for EXIGENCIES which are EXPECTED and BOUND to happen AND BECOME GOOD CITIZENS of this country & world, rather than all this BLAME GAME, Nasheed vs Gasim vs Yameen game! RIDICULOUS and STUPID!

    AND PLEASE NO MORE CONSOLING messages from Maumoon and from the RICHIE BOY ADHEEB, sitting somewhere in the world ejoying himself -->

  4. Err, Nasheed wants Gasim to be the President? Is this one of those MDP stunts akin to the cabinet resignation?

    MDP actions in the National Council don't make any sense.

  5. Nonsense, what a lousy joke!!! shame on MDP....better come out on the streets and help distribute water than wasting time and playing political games with people going through difficulties!!!

    Most of you MDP political monguls can shit and shower without any problem, how about the masses????

  6. One has to admire the genrosity of MDP. They are even willing to hand over power to a firecly rival party candidate, passing over their own candidate. Or did MDP want to dump their own candidate, perhaps in a humourous way for now.

    This even deserves to be mentiond in the "Guiness Book of Records' as the most generous political gesture by a party, if its genuine.

    But this can also be a signal from MDP to Nasheed that they do not want him


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