Nasheed asks for India’s protection if jailed

Former President and opposition Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP) leader Mohamed Nasheed has expressed fears of being arrested and asked the Indian government for protection.

In an interview Nasheed with India Today, he said that he had spent half of his adult life in jail and that he did not wish to spend any more time in incarceration.

He also asked the Indian people and government to “please come and get me and take me to India,” if he gets jailed, expressing a desire to live in Bangalore.

In the interview published today (February 12), Nasheed claimed that President Abdulla Yameen is on a “witch hunt” to purge his political contenders and pointed to the example of the detention and charges against former defence minister Colonel (retired) Mohamed Nazim.

In the interview, he reiterated claims that the government is losing its legitimacy due to the exit of the Jumhooree Party (JP) from the ruling coalition, stating that the government is undermining the Constitution in an effort to consolidate power.

“..[T]hey are going back to a form of governance that they are more familiar with. They are changing all independent institutions and now the JP has decided not to back this autocratic rule and we have been able to come with it in defence of the constitution,” Nasheed told India Today.

Source: India Today


5 thoughts on “Nasheed asks for India’s protection if jailed”

  1. why this guy is seeking asylum in India. Guy already hold a british passport .

    This guy will do anything to get sympathy from people to gain the power.

  2. Because you police thugs are chickens**ts and can't bully people under the protection of other countries.

  3. I know this site is financed by Indian Gundas, GMR and MissIndiaAgarwaltheThug. It is also highly likely that like many of my other recent comments, these words may not be published. Any how, I will let the patriotic Maldivan feelings expressed here to tell Mr. Daniel Bosely (who is also part of the group of people trying to create instabilty in the Maldives),that you will never be successful, like the Indians who have tried from time immemorial. May Allah protect us from these enemies of my beloved nation.

  4. @Maldivian.
    Worst Jail in south east asia are in India. Torture and regularly getting beaten by the jail officer is a norm in India.

    Democracy in India is for elite. YES Nasheed will get the VIP treatment since he is the second Kannananu Ali Raja born in Maldives.


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