PG asks Home Minister to block pornographic websites

Prosecutor General (PG) Muhthaz Muhsin has asked the Minister of Home Affairs Umar Naseer to block websites displaying pornographic content.

Speaking to Minivan News, PG Office Spokesman Adam Arif stated that the PG had written to the home minister yesterday (February 11), noting that pornographic material encourages criminal activity and that possessing and producing pornography is prohibited in Maldivian law.

He also explained that the letter referred to the legal and constitutional duties of the state to prevent criminal activity and to uphold the tenants of Islam along with maintenance of the social fabric.

“The letter also requests the home minister to take action and inform the PG’s Office in a timely manner,” Arif said.


6 thoughts on “PG asks Home Minister to block pornographic websites

  1. blocking pornographic website is going to reduce criminal activities?

    how about providing opportunities for our youth who are jobless and seeks criminal activities to fund their daily life necessities?

    how about providing proper sex education for our children so they know what sex is and doesn't have to come to know about it on street corners?

    how about prosecuting that judge who has a sex tape which exposes him for adultery?

    how about prosecuting the sex offenders to the full extent rather then having them release to sexually abuse children within 6 months time after conviction?

    and i really believe that this request will not be entertained as people who resort to pornographic materials in the Maldives include those in high position of the government and rich business tycoons.

    i bet Umar would want you to eat that latter.

  2. That's right.

    Block the sites that shows the judge White underwear.

    And then criminalise anyone even talking about the supreme judge.

  3. These blocks only work in the state-controlled ISPs. Other ISPs are free to speak the truth about white junkyman.

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  6. Maybe some Maldivians will actually be so bored without their porn, they might resort to getting a...... job! The horror!


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