Nasheed calls on government to complete Thimarafushi airport

Former President Mohamed Nasheed called on the government last night (June 22) to complete the stalled Thimarafushi airport project within the next month.

Speaking at a campaign rally on the island of Madifushi in Thaa atoll, Nasheed said he would welcome the “coup” government opening the regional airport and pledged the Maldivian Democratic Party’s (MDP’s) assistance to complete the stalled project.

Nasheed said that the airport was necessary to implement the MDP’s guest house or mid-market tourism policy, which targets 2,000 tourist beds in the southern atoll within the next two years.

In addition to the airport, he continued, a reliable nationwide transport network of ferries was essential for tourists to travel across the country and for local entrepreneurs to transport goods.


2 thoughts on “Nasheed calls on government to complete Thimarafushi airport”

  1. Nasheed you have no guest house policy. All you talking are just talks with no actions.

    You don't talk about our tourism industry ? One side you are boycotting tourism industry and then again having a guest house Policy ? These two things does not go hand in hand ?

    You are using this policy as tool to win the votes and then your ultimate objective is to damage the industry and make us suffer. Since you have filthy rich moony banked in Singapore you and you and your family can live a lavish life there without even earning any money in future.

    Same goes with other rich Maldivian too and the real people who will be affected are the poor and people who are the workers in the tourism industry.


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