UN translates Special Rapporteur’s report on judiciary into Dhivehi

The UN has released an unofficial Dhivehi translation of Special Rapporteur Gabriela Knaul’s extensive report on the state of the Maldivian judiciary.

In her report, Knaul expressed “deep concern” over the failure of the judicial system to address “serious violations of human rights” during the Maldives’ 30 year dictatorship, warning of “more instability and unrest” should this continue to be neglected.

The report is a comprehensive overview of the state of the Maldivian judiciary and its watchdog body, the Judicial Services Commission (JSC). Knaul examines the judiciary’s handling of the trial of former President Nasheed, the controversial reappointment of unqualified judges in 2010, and the politicisation of the JSC.

Knaul also examines parliament’s failure to pass critical pieces of legislation needed for the proper functioning of the judiciary and “legal certainty”, as well as raises serious concerns about an impending budget catastrophe facing the judicial system.

Read the translation (Dhivehi)

Read the original report (English)


2 thoughts on “UN translates Special Rapporteur’s report on judiciary into Dhivehi”

  1. The question is will Dhivehistanis read it? If it was a translation of the Koran or Sahih al Bukhari you'll see them lining up for miles to buy a copy. But this report by an unveiled Christian woman won't be worth their while.

  2. Once again, the UN Human Rights Advisor in the Maldives deserves a commendation for fighting for the resources to get the SR report translated! And I hope the local media community, civil society, and indeed the tax-payer funded HRCM use this translation to create pressures for change. This is clearly an opportunity to start setting our house in order. Elections are good; but human rights are better; and without justice, neither can be realized!

    It is very rarely that Special Procedures make follow-up visits to the same country; but the Maldives has benefited from just such a gift. I look forward to expressing my appreciation to the SR when I meet her tomorrow at the Hofburg Palace in Vienna.

    Of course, what is most important is to find a critical mass of politicians who will not trade human rights for political populism! Let us hope that elections in 2013 and in 2014 enable the people to receive their due process rights!


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