Nasheed fears me the most: Gasim

Jumhooree Party (JP) presidential candidate Gasim Ibrahim has added himself to the list of opposition-aligned party officials who have criticised Nasheed’s actions in the last week.

Speaking at a meeting last night, local media reported Gasim as saying that he is one person Nasheed fears the most.

“I am the person that Mohamed Nasheed fears the most, and who he is most hesitant of, is me. I know that. I think that he fears me the most,” he was quoted as saying.

“The reason he dissolved his cabinet and started acting like a man is because he fears me,” Gasim said.

Gasim claimed that during Nasheed’s presidency, Nasheed had tried to punish people who had not committed crimes and that Nasheed would not succeed in escaping from his “crime” that he currently stands on trial for.

“President Nasheed has committed crimes himself and is now trying to hide from them. He will not succeed. The Maldivian Constitution will not bend to his will. No matter how many people get angry, he cannot achieve it if he puts forward selfish reasons,” local media reported Gasim as saying.


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