Jumhoory Party MP Muthalib attacked on Thinadhoo

Jumhoory Party (JP) MP Ibrahim Muthalib has accused Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP) activists of attacking him while he arrived on Thinadhoo in Gaafu Dhaalu Atoll to meet the Atoll Council.

”When I arrived was this group of MDP activists, they followed me as I walked to towards the Atoll Council Office,” Muthalib said. ”I did not say anything or respond to them, but then they hit me in the eye and my spectacles fell to the ground and broke.”

Muthalib said he then turned back and walked towards his speedboat to leave the island, and again someone hit him in the mouth and stomach.

”I could not eat anything since last night, my jaw hurts,” he said. ”It is most inconvenient and it is most unacceptable.”

He said MDP activists had planned to attack him for a few days now.

”That is typical of MDP activists, they assault and have no democratic manners,” he said. ”Everyone has the freedom to travel from one place to another.”

The MDP Parliamentary Group’s former spokesperson MP Ahmed Shifaz told Minivan News that he regretted the incident.

”I will not say they were MDP or DRP activists, but it is regrettable,” Shifaz said. ”MDP does not encourage such actions.”

He said he “does not believe that MDP activists would do something like that.”


8 thoughts on “Jumhoory Party MP Muthalib attacked on Thinadhoo”

  1. So, poor old Muthalib was visiting his business interests in Thinadhoo during his hard earned holiday from the hectic life of Parliament.

    On an aside, is there a single Parliamentarian who doesn't run a business or is not in business with someone else?

    ”I could not eat anything since last night, my jaw hurts,”

    Hope that continues for a while; at least we might be spared the rubbish that comes out of his mouth whilst in Parliament.

    Muthalib needs to learn that there are consequences for his actions in Parliament!

  2. @Ahmed

    Consequences for his actions in parliament? Sounds like a threat to me. But see, the thing is that MPs all over, not just in the Maldives, have immunity for their actions within the halls of parliament. That's one of the ways they can advocate for various causes. And the only consequence for any action in parliament, if detrimental, should be that an MP be expelled from parliament as per the procedures set in parliament, or by a no-confidence vote by the constituents of said MP, or by not getting re-elected. Mob rule is not democracy. Democracy demands that there be set rules and procedures for everything, agreed upon by a majority, within reason that shall not alienate based on race or creed. If we were all to threaten MPs for their behavior then where would be? Where would democracy be? How could democracy even have a chance to flourish if we still hold by these undemocratic and old fashioned ways?

  3. "How could democracy even have a chance to flourish if we still hold by these undemocratic and old fashioned ways?"

    I don't believe we're being served democracy by the current lot of MPs sitting comfortably in their Majlis Chambers, twiddling their thumbs (or engaged in a brawl). We elected them, but we have no say in their behaviour or performance (lack of).

    They fool us to get elected and now live a life of luxury for 5 long years. I think there are consequences to that.

  4. The tard is getting the welcome treatment he was working up all these time, finally.

  5. If I come across this guy, i too would not hesitate to do the same or even more!!! maroon

  6. Again, when Velizinee was attacked, she was "immoral", "dressed badly", "spoke in a way unbecoming of a woman".

    An eye for an eye will eventually blind everyone so please stop, but if you have already advocated hate against anybody, then maybe you must seek police protection when you travel. I'm looking at you Afrasheem.

  7. "Thinadhoo Rayyithun Hanaavanee" expresses their "Upset" on Muththolibs Jaw. Thinadhoo zuvaanun claims theres several ways to shut-up a big mouth..... reports / Drill Q.


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