Nasheed’s claims of military coup, talibanisation false, Masood tells FT

President’s Office Spokesperson Masood Imad has written the Financial Times in response to a recent article in which former President Mohamed Nasheed called for a tourism boycott.

“It is hugely irresponsible and deeply concerning that a former head of state and current presidential candidate for the elections taking place in 2013 is attempting to destroy the heart of the Maldivian economy – tourism,” writes Imad. “The Maldivian people make their living through the success of the tourism industry and Mr Nasheed is seeking to devastate their livelihood.”

“The article incorrectly refers to a ‘military coup’. Mr Nasheed resigned on February 7, 2012 of his own free will. As per the Constitution of the Maldives, President Mohamed Waheed (vice president at the time) assumed responsibility. President Waheed, committed to providing factual and legal clarity around the events that led to the resignation of Mr Nasheed, established the Commission of National Inquiry to conduct an independent and impartial investigation into the developments that culminated in the resignation of former president Nasheed. The findings will be published at the end of July.”

“Mr Nasheed’s claims of “Talibanisation” are in their entirety completely false, inflammatory and offensive. Such accusations accentuate his misunderstanding of Islam, the Maldives and the Maldives people. The national unity government upholds the rule of law in the Maldives and is focusing on strengthening human rights, the independence of the judicial system and ensuring that the elections taking place in July 2013 (brought forward from November 2013) are fair, free and meaningful.

“In response to your correspondent’s comments that the Islamist Adhaalath Party have acquired more power, it is important to note that Mr Nasheed invited the Adhaalath Party to join the coalition during his presidency.
The government of Maldives is extremely disappointed that Mr Nasheed has decided to tour the US propounding these allegations. We will continue with the business of running the country and clearing up the serious mess he left in the Maldives.”

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4 thoughts on “Nasheed’s claims of military coup, talibanisation false, Masood tells FT”

  1. Nasheed has done well. It is of no use that tourist spend their savings to an insecure and undemocratic place, where there is no justice for the poor. Parliament is just like a Zoo of Lions whom they do not understand their mandate at all. Eating all Tax money and doing just nothing in favor of the nation. So these guys still believe Nasheed should beg the tourist to come to Maldives and spend the money to uphold a coup government?? Blood Suckers and Bloody Extremists

  2. Really surprised that someone with Dr Waheed's work experience in the international field would use the same tactics that Gayoom did to deny human rights abuses in denying the truth about the status of Islamism in the Maldives!!

  3. Such news about Nasheed is no surprise as he has done similar acts in the past, notably calling off the tsunami aids to the county...

  4. A point to ponder:
    "Perplexed" wrote about "Islamism in the Maldives". was wondering if there is Christianism anywhere in the world?

    Same thing about Egyptian president. He was an Islamist; but is there any leader in country who is a Chrisitianist or a Jewist or a Hindhuist?

    Why do Muslims get these funny labels?
    Zombies and brain-dead may not attempt to answer.


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