New book analyses Maldives’ curricula

Dr Mustafa Luthfy has published a new book entitled, School Manhajaai Thauleem (Maldives School Curriculum and Education) in Dhivehi. The book was published independently, and released on September 28.

“It took me two years to write, I am very relieved that it has been published,” Luthfy said.

Luthfy has worked in the education sector since 1976, and previously was a student studying education. “I thought I would write what I thought and understood about Maldivian education for the benefit of people who come after me,” he said.

The book addresses curricula in the Maldives since the 1940s, and analyses tensions in its development. Luthfy cautions that the book is not a history, but instead is meant to serve the education sector from a socio-political perspective.

“Education is significant not just to itself, but even to understanding and developing political, societal and global trends,” he said.

Luthfy added that the book has been well receieved as “one of the best books written in Dhivehi.”

Luthfy currently holds the position of Maldives National University Chancellor (MNU) and was formerly Education Minister for the Maldivian government.