School boards call Dhivehi exam resit unneccessary

Male’ secondary school boards have sent a resolution to the Education Ministry to reject its plan to hold a resit of the Secondary School Certificate (SSC) Dhivehi examination.

The resolution was endorsed by seven school boards, representing Dharumavantha School, Hiriya School, Majeediyya School, Arabiyya School, Ameeniyya School, Muhyiddeen School and Ghaazee School.

The resit was scheduled after the test was deemed too similar to a sample exam earlier circulated among schools, reports Haveeru.

School boards have claimed that the students should not be forced to re-take the exam since the actual test paper was not leaked. According to Haveeru, their resolution also claimed a lack of precedent for holding an exam resit after test papers were leaked, and asked the ministry to release the exam results.

The original SSC Dhivehi exam was held on October 9.

The ministry has scheduled a resit of the exam on November 19, after the ongoing O-Level examination.