New Hulhumalé school to open in 2015, national first grade intake to increase 11 percent

Education Minister Dr Aishath Shiham has said that the school under construction in Hulhumalé will open next year and that there will be an increase of 11 percent in the number of first graders nationwide.

While speaking at a press conference yesterday, Dr Aishath said that the number of students enrolling in first grade nationally is to be at 2,070, up from 1,950 students this year.

“This is a noteworthy increase. The number of students enrolling has also seen an increase with the population boom,” said Dr Aishath.

The preliminary results of the recently completed national census showed that the Maldivian population has grown by 14.1 percent since 2006.

The list of students enrolled in the primary schools in Malé can now be found on the ministry’s website and the respective schools.

The education ministry also recently announced that books and stationary will only be provided to parents who request for government assistance after submitting a form to the ministry. The ministry also discouraged schools from assigning a specific bookshop for the school when handing out vouchers to parents.