New rent regulation bill proposed in Parliament

A new bill has to regulate rent in Malé been proposed in Parliament by Independent MP Mohamed Nasheed, reports Miadhu.

Nasheed said the bill aims not to control rent, but to set certain standards for the real estate business.

Nasheed noted that in a time when human rights have become key in policy-making, this bill would protect the rights of both owners and tenants. The bill would also form a tribunal to arbitrate rent cases.

Most of the MPs supported the bill, which could help with overcrowding in Malé. But it was proposed that the bill also include rented offices and businesses, so it will not reduce the cost of goods and services.

Dhivehi Rayyithunge Party (DRP) leader Ahmed Thasmeen Ali said the bill could potentially harm the real estate industry.

He said the government should not intervene, because fewer people would enter the market and fewer would construct new homes.

Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP) MP Ahmed Hamza also said introducing the bill at this moment could hinder construction business, adding that the bill would present challenges to the free-market.


2 thoughts on “New rent regulation bill proposed in Parliament”

  1. "the bill could potentially harm the real estate industry" i am surprised that he said this out aloud, while the real estate industry in Male' is bleeding dry the citizenry of the atolls who incidentally Thasmeen even represents a portion of.

  2. Ahah above writer , Tasmin is one of big cake eater. He's Vather was a hard worker, and the sons eating from. Ye will effekt your pocket tasmin. And your brother can enjoy the bar anymore dho. This could be a goverment problem! then the govermant is representing the peole of Maldives. Goverment should protect the people from people like who taking all!! example 1 room 5'000.-mrv toilette on the street! ? Construction should reduce anyway!! all stores transfered to Holulemale!! desantralisation has to be done! Hosptale facility bether!!. Leaving for you is easy! what is others, who like to have school education? Artist who like to be develope them self, do the have change ?seating next to you? YOUR VATHER was working!!!


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