No-confidence motion against Male’ Mayor temporarily withdrawn

A no-confidence motion against Male’ City Mayor “Sarangu” Adam Manik tabled in the agenda for today’s city council meeting has been withdrawn.

Haveeru has reported that West Maafanu Councillor Mohamed Falah withdrew his motion as a replacement for Adam Manik, Hulhu-Henveiru Councillor “Maizan” Ali Manik (Alibe), was currently overseas in Japan for an Athletics Association trip.

One of two opposition Dhivehi Rayyithunge Party (DRP) councillors on the 11-member city council, Ibrahim Shujau, explained that Falah did not want the position to remain vacant until Alibe returned on 12 July


One thought on “No-confidence motion against Male’ Mayor temporarily withdrawn”

  1. What is wrong with Mohamed Falah, he is behaving like spoiled kid.
    Please understand that the majority MDP members support the Male’ Mayor. We believe the younger city councilors should wait for right time.


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