On-Off-On-Off-On airport privatisation agreement signing function

A ‘hasty function’ organised on Sunday to sign the Male International Airport privatisation agreement with India’s GMR was postponed for a few hours and later for a day, reports Haveeru.

The Maldivian government earlier had set the signing for Wednesday, and the sudden changes of schedule come hours after four opposition parties from the Majlis signed a joint statement opposing the privatisation.

At the President’s Office on Sunday afternoon, the privatisation committee chairperson Mahmood Razee announced ‘some documents are pending’. Afterwards, the President’s Office press secretary Mohamed Zuhair told Haveeru the function was postponed until Monday.

The function was cancelled due to disputes among board members of Maldives Airports Company Limited over appointing a board representative to sign the agreement, reports Haveeru. GMR Infrastructure won the bid last Thursday to expand, modernise and operate the airport for 25 years.