Parliament passes prison and parole bill

The ‘Prison and Parole Bill’ has been passed by Parliament for a third time, after being returned twice for reconsideration by President Mohamed Waheed, reports local media.

The bill was unanimously passed today (August 29) with the 28 points Waheed previously requested be reconsidered having been reviewed and amended, MP Moosa Manik told local media.

The bill currently has “no major issues,” he added.

The bill aims to strengthen the prison system, which will enable government authorities ensure inmates’ rights and privileges are protected, said Manik. Vocational training and creating a safe and secure environment for inmates will also be provided.

In addition, the ‘Prison and Parole Bill’ will establish a separate institution, referred to as the Maldives Correctional Service, to create prison regulations and run the facilities.


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  1. So does this mean that the guards wont be sodomizing or groping the prisoners?


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