Victorious Maldivian bodyboarding team returns from Australian competition

The Maldives Bodyboarding Association (MBBA) team that took part in the Jeff Wilcox Memorial 2013 competition held in Australia last weekend received a warm welcome back to the Maldives last night (August 28).

Around 25 friends and family, as well as the Minister of State for Human Resources, Youth and Sports – Mohamed Ghassan Maumoon – and local media, greeted the team with flowers, cheers, and well-wishes in the VIP lounge of the Ibrahim Nasir International Airport.

The MBBA sent their top three bodyboarders to the Australian competition – Ali ‘Kuda Ayya’ Khushruwan, Ali ‘Shaam’ Raafiu, and Ali ‘JD’ Javid – who had taken 1st, 2nd, and 3rd places, respectively in the Burunu Shikaaru Bodyboarding Challenge held in Male’ this May. Team official and MBBA Vice President Mohamed Khushruwan Ahmed also traveled with the team.

The Maldivian competitors stood out as “some of the best in the event”, with 17 year-old bodyboarder Ali ‘Shaam’ Raafiu winning first place in the competition’s Junior Division, Jeff Wilcox Memorial Event Director Aaron Dodds previously told Minivan News.

The returning team lauded the competition’s organisers, the Forster Tuncurry Bodyboard Association (FTBA), for holding a quality competition and offering their support to develop the sport in the Maldives.


3 thoughts on “Victorious Maldivian bodyboarding team returns from Australian competition”

  1. This bodyboarding (notice how it sounds like waterboarding?) is a Zionist plot to brainwash Maldivian youngsters to turn away from their Deen. Allah willing, in a few years these youth will realise their folly and return to the Religion of Allah. Just like Brother Ali Rameez did. The sports we engage in must prepare us for jihad. Please join Sheikh Shameem's dawah group. They have camps where jihadi exercises are taught. May Allah reward the Sheikh.

  2. As winning a sporting award abroad is such a rare event in the Maldives, I suggest your president do the following:
    Declare a national holiday and call it Bodyboarding Day
    Give everyone a payrise especially the expats and return their passports
    Release all prisoners from the jails especially those on drugs charges
    Decriminalise the possession of alcohol and brown sugar.
    The bodyboarders should also take up another weird and obscure sport.....synchronised swimming perhaps?

  3. MissIndia.

    No matter how much you hate Maldives, we are far better developed than you country.

    We will never bow our heads to you and we will emerge as the SAARC best and highest developed country within next 10 year.

    We will bring social harmony and we will kick out your informant Nasheed in the upcoming election and that will put off the small light and hope that India has to invade our economy .


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