“People should be free to determine their own destiny”: Foreign Minister

People should be free to determine their own destiny, new Foreign Minister Dr Abdul Samad Abdulla said in a statement to mark Commonwealth Day.

“2012 marks the Maldives’ 30th year as a member of the Commonwealth, a landmark that represents our continued desire to share our own unique culture, and to work with the Commonwealth to promote its values: democracy, freedom, peace, the rule of law and opportunity for all,” Dr Samad said.

“By recognising that culture is important, we place a value on freedom. That is, people should be free to determine their own destiny. While culture is valuable in itself, the meeting of cultures
is equally important. Connecting cultures fosters education and respect for difference, while at the same time encouraging recognition of the bonds and similarities that exist between our

Dr Samad said that despite its geographic isolation, “the Maldives continues to accelerate its engagement with the Commonwealth and the international community. Last year it successfully hosted the SAARC summit and continues to punch above its weight in the international arena.”

“Connecting cultures embodies all that the Commonwealth holds important. Politically, the Maldives is evolving and striving to achieve the values and principles of the Commonwealth,” he added.

The Commonwealth recently suspended the Maldives from its human rights and democracy arm, the Commonwealth Ministerial Action Group (CMAG), calling for both an independent, internationally-assisted inquiry into the circumstances surrounding the change of government on February 7, and a commitment to early elections before the end of the year.


6 thoughts on ““People should be free to determine their own destiny”: Foreign Minister”

  1. Commonwealth calling for early elections before the end of the year, they must first see and understand what is written in the constitution of the Maldives

  2. Samad, maldivians are generally very arrogant and substandard. Your speeches don't really get into their small tiny heads. At the moment the MDP thugs have put in their mind the word 'election' because they are all crazy and hungry for power. So don't give such speeches. Concentrate on your work and try to serve the country.

  3. Dr Samad, actions speak louder than words. Wonder what Hippocrates would say about your oath. Hope your soul is intact. Keep the faith.Do good work.

  4. One should not forget that the Maldivians chose Mr Nasheed as the president Of Maldives in 2008 for a five year term. But to the very surprise of his foes and friends alike, according to his resignation statement, he chose to resign the post wholeheartedly for the betterment of the nation. Now, although he is relieved of what he has done, who he is and wha he is, the activists of MDP and some beneficiaries do not seem to be comfortable with Mr Nasheed's choice of resignation regardless of how nobly intended it has been.

    By the way, looking at Mr Samad, first of all, he is physically not fit for such a post,i.e he has been an invalid for quite some time now. Secondly, he greatly lacks knowledge of current world affairs in relation to international arena and domestic sociopolitical affairs.


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