PG considers blocking pornographic websites in the Maldives

Prosecutor General (PG) Muhthaz Muhsin has said that the office is considering demanding that internet service providers in the Maldives block pornographic websites.

Speaking to Avas, Muhsin said pornographic websites are blocked in most Islamic countries and that the Maldives should follow suit.

“This is how it is in the lot of Muslim countries. We are thinking of doing the same in the Maldives,” Muhsin told Avas.

According to current laws and regulations, possessing and distributing pictures or videos with pornographic content is illegal in the Maldives.

Last year, nine underage students were arrested in Feydhoo School in Addu City for the possession of pornographic pictures and videos while a man was sentenced to six years of imprisonment for possessing pornographic material.

Source: Avas


7 thoughts on “PG considers blocking pornographic websites in the Maldives”

  1. Ali Hameed will be so furious, he'll have the PG executed by firing squad.

  2. while they are at it i hope they block off some "unislamic" sites
    (also anything against the leading political party too)
    for us to go to heaven & have a peaceful life we really need to be held in cages ^_^

    i hear North Korea got a really good governing system going

  3. 6 years of imprisonment for possessing porno.. Another dangerous criminal locked up, well done!

    And anyone with more than 2 brain cells can bypass blocks. At the same time a porn actor has been appointed to the JSC. Do continue the hypocrisy please.

  4. During circumcision devil particle can be completely cut off so that there will be no need for porn.

  5. Porn filters also block anything to do with research into medical problems associated with parts of the body that are usually tagged in porn sites.

    Therefore if you are trying to find the symptoms or available treatments for "breast", "testicle" cancer or "sexually" transmitted diseases you'll find the filters will block you from health and medical sites that provide this information. Medical and health professionals will have to resort to out of date books to do research before diagnosing the illness.

    Even resorts will face a few problems when they want a recipe off the internet for a new "cocktail" that the millionaire tourist demands on short notice.

    It's not a bad idea, but impossible to implement correctly without seriously restricting other vital information available on the net.

  6. I call upon the PG to stop this. How can we continue our rightful jihad against the laadheenee MDP if we don't have any source to edit porn pics and drum up scandals against MDP activists?!

    Inshaallah, PG will come to his senses.


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