PG seeks to charge gang member with terror offence

The state has presented evidence in court as it seeks to bring charges of terrorism against Ibrahim Shahum.

Shahum is charged with the murder 17-year old Mohamed Hussein in a gang-related incident in Male’.

The Prosecutor General is bringing charges based on Article 6 of the Terrorism Prevention Act which calls for the execution, banishment, or life imprisonment of any person found guilty of an act of terrorism that causes the death of the victim.

The secret testimony of six witnesses were taken at the Criminal Court today.

The accused, already found guilty of murdering 21-year old Ahusan Basheer, did not have legal representation in court although he informed the judge that he had submitted the necessary documents.


One thought on “PG seeks to charge gang member with terror offence”

  1. A quick few lines can be inserted into the law book to sort this situation like this:

    "convicted murderers shall be beheaded inside a closed military facility and buried in unmarked locations and any queries regarding a murder convict after his sentencing shall be void." dunno if the wording is correct, I will ask Mahlouf for this 🙂

    The point is if we really want to stop this killing in broad daylight in our small country we have to kill the killers. but the silly Europeans will make the usual shout saying things like human rights and bla bla. They will do so because they have historic reasons for this. but never mind. what we can do is to make a law to absolve the state/govt from question after administering this just solution. Murder has to be dealt with murder and after that we can take the position like that of Israel. We will neither confirm or deny such a person exists thereafter.
    agree folks?


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