Independent Commissions Committee to summon Police Commissioner, PIC, HRCM and PG

Parliament’s Independent Commissions Committee has decided to summon Police Commissioner Abdulla Riyaz for questioning over police brutality against anti-government protesters who took to the streets, calling for the resignation of new President Dr Waheed Hassan Manik on February 8.

The issue was submitted to the committee last Wednesday by Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP) MP Ahmed Hamza.

Hamza told Minivan News that he submitted the issue to the committee because the Police Commissioner had said the police would not investigate the police brutality against anti-government protesters on February 7 and 8.

Hamza said Riyaz had told him that he had requested the Human Rights Commission of the Maldives (HRCM) investigate the case.

‘’I am interested to know why he has refused to investigate the case,’’ he said. ‘’HRCM and Police Integrity Commission (PIC) are also being summoned to ask about their investigations into police brutality that day.’’

Hamza said the committee furthermore decided to summon Prosecutor General Ahmed Muiz because some MPs were keen to ask him questions about the arrest of Criminal Court Chief Judge Abdulla Mohamed.

‘’The Chair of the committee will determine a date and time that they will be summoned,’’ he added.

He also said that lots of anti-government protesters and MPs were assaulted by police on February 7 and 8.

Independent Commissions Committee is chaired by independent MP Mohamed Nasheed.

MDP Deputy Leader and MP Alhan Fahmy has meanwhile submitted the case of the alleged coup d’état to the parliament’s National Security Committee for investigation and to determine the truth of the alleged events that took place on February 7.

Alhan said he was busy when Minivan News contacted him and did not respond.

He told Haveeru that the committee would investigate the circumstances of former President Nasheed’s resignation, and an allegation from Nasheed that Deputy Police Commissioner Atheef was held at knife point.

The National Security Committee has a majority of pro-government MPs and is chaired by Jumhoree Party (JP) Leader and MP ‘Burma’ Gasim Ibrahim, whom the MDP have alleged was one of the resort owners responsible for funding the coup.

Last month the Maldivian Democratic Party submitted the case of police brutality against their parliamentarians to the Inter-Parliamentary Union (IPU).

On February 8, thousands of anti-government supporters, led by former president Mohamed Nasheed, took to the streets demanding the resignation of the new President Dr Waheed Hassan alleging that his government was illegitimate.

Former President Nasheed, MDP Chairperson and MP ‘reeko’ Moosa Manik, MP Mariya Ali, MP Ahmed Shifaz and many other senior MDP figures were injured.


8 thoughts on “Independent Commissions Committee to summon Police Commissioner, PIC, HRCM and PG”

  1. Hooray for Alhan. Lets hope you reform MDP and throw out the corrupt old guys like Reeko Moosa and Maariya.

    We are cheering for you Alhan and Dr.Didi. Lets hope you succeed.

  2. alhan is an opportunistic. he will and is trying damgae this wonderful party. he asked for money and mdp did not give this time. champaa uhchu offered him 4 million to damage mdp.. i dont think Alhan can..alhan now you are trying to become Munawwaru

  3. we dont give a damn shit if alhan , didi or any other guy joins the baagees hehe . elections will be there and mdp will win it . adnd if we need them ... we will bring them back ... kekekekekeke

  4. Alhan is right on this. It is time someone investigated this coup and tell the public the whole story instead of stories from Anni and the MNDF or the Police.
    We, the public need to know the actual facts without any party spin.
    The Majlis is the best place to do this.
    It is a pity that it took so long for someone to realise this.

  5. mee hama bagaavaatheh . mikan nimeykah maaginadhuvaheh nei .. anni verikamuga huttaa aharun beynumeh nun ley ohorey kah . ekamu kuda dhuvaskolheh therey mikan nimidhaane . ley ohoreyne , fuluhun kolheh maruvaane , aaamun kolhehves maruvaane . vrah avahah hahahahahahahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  6. MDP's capacity for Internal Democracy will be tested. The party have withstood worse!The party have always been uncomfortable with the "Party President". Two resigned, the third is like a fish out of water. This deputy fish is also a good fish. The party tests capacity through a process they call Primaries in a Presidential System. They should try it!

  7. ofcourse the primaries were open and why didnt Alhan and Didi contest? they know they dont have the popular support. someone should investigate the coup, BUT 241 committee in parliament cannot as its chair is a traitor himself. and people like Alhan who is now half bagees in the committee, i dont think that committee could do would be better to form a committee with crown saleem, champaa uhchu, salah shihab, dims solih, waheedudeen and Malla naabe and euro store people.


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