PhD courses to be introduced by National University

PhD programs in law and pedagogy are to be launched by the Maldives National University (MNU) tomorrow.

Chancellor of MNU Fayyaz Ali Manik said the PhD positions will only be available for two or three students in the beginning.

He added that two Maldivian supervisors are available to lead the PhD programs.

The university currently offers a few degree courses, while other colleges in Male’ offer degree and masters course.

Programs in political science are planned to be introduced by the university next year.


3 thoughts on “PhD courses to be introduced by National University”

  1. As a self made hardworking businessman I can say Maldivians Degree holders and MBA holders don't like to work. Now imagine PHD holders!!! They just want to earn big salaries by watching others work. The more Maldivians are qualified the more lazy and worthless they become. No wonder our economy is dependent on uneducated and low skilled Sri Lankans and Bangladeshis!!!They cost less but are more productive.

  2. The first course these guys should run is "Hypocrisy" and ensure we excel in the manipulation of religion to extort the general populace to stupor.

    I am very sure we now have got many who excel in this field to the point they can be granted 'Professorship".

    Good Luck, Doctors!


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