Philippines national sentenced to life for smuggling drugs into Maldives

The Criminal Court yesterday (January 26) ruled that Philippines national Jenerosa Pancho Mapula was guilty of smuggling 3Kgs of cocaine into the Maldives, fining her MVR100,000 and sentencing her to life imprisonment.

The Criminal Court ruling stated that on April 24, 2013, Jenerosa arrived in the Maldives at arout 8:50am and that police searched her luggage after receiving intelligence reports that she was carrying illegal narcotics.

The court said that the drugs were discovered inside a handbag in her luggage.

Jenerosa denied the charges, the court said, though according to witnesses produced in court the drugs were found inside her luggage,which was searched in her presence.

The ruling stated that Jenerosa had told the court that the drugs did not belong to her, though she was unable to convince the court of this.

According to the ruling, Jenerosa will have to pay the fine within one month.