Phone calls are traced in accordance with the law: Communications Authority

The Communication Authority of the Maldives (CAM) has declared that phone calls are traced in the Maldives in “accordance with the law”.

Head of CAM Ilyas Ahmed told newspaper Haveeru that CAM gave priority to ensuring the privacy of phone calls made in the Maldives, and said it would not be easy to trace them.

He insisted that  CAM would not allow anyone to listen and record phone calls illegally.

Ilyas also stated that a normal citizen would not be able to record or listen to traced phone calls,  but said police did have the capacity.

He told local media that police and the MNDF did not have to seek permission from CAM to listen or record phone calls, and therefore CAM was not aware of the extent of the phone tapping.


2 thoughts on “Phone calls are traced in accordance with the law: Communications Authority”

  1. Privacy does not exist for the common peasants of Dhivehistan. Although Dhivehistan has agreed to international conventions protecting privacy, these are applied selectively. Kuffar agreements carry little weight in Islamic theocracies.

  2. OMG im SHOCKeD!! shocked!!!
    how could Maldives "the beacon of respecting the privacy of its citizens" do such a thing.

    in case people didn't already know, Maldives is a mental asylum.
    you don't have phone privileges.
    you have the right to believe what the government tells you & to shut the F#%k up!!


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