Police arrest crocodile

Police have caught and detained a four foot-long crocodile in Thaa Atoll.

Sub-Inspector Ahmed Shiyam said that the animal was caught on a uninhabited island in Thaa Atoll, after it was discovered by a group of people picnicking on the island.

”It is now in police custody,” said Shiyam. ”Police had to catch it because it was a very dangerous species of animal.”

Shiyam said police had not yet decided what to do with the crocodile, and had informed the Environment Ministry about the crocodile. However State Environment Minister Ahmed Ali Manik said he had no information about the creature.

A nine foot-long crocodile, ‘Kimboo’, is kept in the Kudakudhinge Bageecha (children’s park) in Male’, after it was caught by Maldives National Defence Force cadets in 1998.

In July 2010, students at Billabong High School in Male’ launched a campaign to ‘Save Kimboo’, due to the small size of its enclosure and poor treatment.

Kimboo occasionally makes it into local media and even has his own Facebook page calling for his release, but so far nothing has eventuated.

6 thoughts on “Police arrest crocodile”

  1. This must be either Gayoom or Nasheed travelling in disguise as a crocodile. Travelling in disguise is a well-known habit of Maldivian rulers. They are gauging public opinion this way.

  2. This is likely a saltwater crocodile meandering away from Sri Lanka or Indonesia...wild individuals can occasionally wash up thousands of miles from their range.

  3. Another arbitrary arrest of the helpless animal, Wonder why no ones talking about freeing the crocodile in the park. How can they keep a crocodile in a cage which is almost the size of the Crocodile. It makes sense cause humans rights comes first.

  4. we have mangroves (kulhi) in some islands which are perfect places for kinboos to thrive..

    maybe we can start a leather products industry by putting these kinboos in a rehab in a kulhi..

  5. Crocodiles are disgusting and vile creatures. We, as Muslims, should not have to tolerate them.

  6. markaz why dont you shut up and be. crocodiles are no more vile than anything else. its a living being have some empathy mate. shame to see that you can be so narrow minded :/


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