Police arrest man who stole, swallowed MVR 4500

A man who allegedly stole and swallowed MVR 4500 (US$292) after breaking into a house in Hulhumale on Saturday evening has been admitted to hospital after his condition deteriorated.

According to police, two men aged 19 and 26 were arrested at around 5:45 on Sunday morning after police received reports the pair had robbed two apartments on Hulhumale’.

When police arrested and searched the pair they discovered a Samsung S3 mobile phone and a laptop that had been reported missing from the apartments.

One of the men was taken to Hulhumale hospital after he informed police that he had swallowed MVR 4500.

The currency was confirmed to be present in the man’s stomach by hospital staff following an x-ray.

According to local media reports, the man has since been transferred to Indira Gandhi Memorial Hospital (IGMH) after his condition worsened, despite regurgitating MVR 800 (US$52).


2 thoughts on “Police arrest man who stole, swallowed MVR 4500”

  1. What about his fast? That would be the first concern of the mullahs followed by cut off his hand. Amputation is the magical mullah cure for theft. Never mind the socioeconomic conditions that cause crime. The large income gap and the cosumerist mentality is to be ignored.

  2. He is at fault. He only stole 4500Rf.

    Now, we all know that if you steal over 1 million Rf, it's not a crime.


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