Group murders 31 year-old man on Gan in Laamu Atoll

A group of men have murdered a 31 year-old man on the island of Gan in Laamu Atoll.

The police issued a statement today identifying the victim as Ahmed Nizar of Woodland house on Gan.

Police said the case was reported at 2:22am last night. Police attended the scene and discovered the body, which was at Gan Regional Hospital.

According to police, the doctors pronounced Nizar dead at the time he was brought to the hospital.

Police reported that Nizar was attacked while he was travelling to Gan from Kahdhoo, after receiving some football jerseys from the Kahdhoo Post Office.

The police investigation had revealed that Nizar was attacked with wooden planks and iron bars, police said, stating that they had recovered the murder weapons.

A special team of police have been deployed to Gan to investigate the murder. Police said the victim had no record of criminal activity.

A police spokesperson confirmed that one man had been arrested in connection with the murder.

Gan Island Councilor Abdulla Sulaiman told Minivan News that Nizar was attacked while he was in the company of two of his friends.

“He was with two other friends and as they reached an uninhabited area along Mukuri Magu, five men, three of whom were wearing masks, appeared on the road and attacked him,’’ Abdulla said. “They hit him in the head with an iron bar and he fell to the ground, and then they hit him a second time.”

Sulaiman said one of the five attackers then approached the victim, realised Nizar was not the person they had intended to attack, and said “Hey, I am really sorry bro.”

Sulaiman alleged the attack was related to the theft of a 20 litre bottle of homemade alcohol brewed on the island.

The attack on Nizar is the second murder on Gan this year. On March 14 this year, a 51 year-old man was attacked with an axe while he was sleeping in a house. He died shortly after the attack having suffered serious head injuries.

A source from the island at the time alleged the man was attacked for having an affair with a woman living in the house he was sleeping in.


8 thoughts on “Group murders 31 year-old man on Gan in Laamu Atoll”

  1. Beautiful! A golden lane to heaven. Siraathu magu! For all Mordisians.

  2. Sad, sad and sad. These morons are the future generation of our country, no commen sense at all here anymore, including our politicians.

  3. ''Hey I am really sorry Bro''


    Hey I am really sorry bro

  4. Funny how a PPM bigwig is arrested for assault, and it's "Nothing to do with the party".

    But when gangs are deployed to strike fear into people, the well-paid propaganda mouthpieces always blame MDP.

  5. This is a holy month. Still our youth are committing major crimes with out fear of Allah or the Judiciary. When shall we put the fear of death to those who commit murder?

  6. The holy month does not seem to diminish the violence and criminality of Maldivians.....its probably the drugs again.
    Thank god for the least you fat pious 100% sunni muslim people will inadvertantly lose some of the lard you carry around you waists.....believe me poppets this short and fat look isn't very cool.
    As a cow worshipping 'kuffar', I would recommend the fasting period be increased to six months in the Maldives.....also the iftar meals should be fat free with low carbs and few calories.....maybe some dates and a piece of tuna.


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