Police ask PG to charge Sri Lankan woman and Maldivian man for fornication

Police have concluded the investigation into a case where a Maldivian man and a Sri Lankan woman are alleged to have had sex in Hulhumale’, and have sent the case to the Prosecutor General’s Office for prosecution.

In a statement issued the police identified the two as Mohamed Didi, 41, of Male and Dhamika Siriyala, 41, from Sri Lanka.

Police said on May 13, 2013, they were caught inside a room in Hulhumale’ rented on a daily basis.

The investigation into the case was concluded on August 25 and sent to PG the same day.


3 thoughts on “Police ask PG to charge Sri Lankan woman and Maldivian man for fornication”

  1. http://www.sunnipath.com/library/Hadith/H0003P0042.aspx

    Entering without permission? The couple should have gouged out their eyes. There will be no punishment for them under Shariah if they do so. Under Shariah sex in the privacy of the bedroom is not punishable. Public sex is.

    But since we don't practice Shariah, privacy is not respected. And non-Muslims are punished for Shariah crimes which they don't believe in.

  2. "@Hadeed: Huhdha nethi Bayaku meehun ulhay geyakah balaifi meehaage loa kone liyas qisas hifumeh nuve eve."

  3. Was this an action of MRPF "Maldives Religious Police Force" on patrol ???


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