Police busts major drug network

Police have arrested three individuals on charges of selling narcotics.

The official police website describes the operation as a “major drug network bust”, stating that they were arrested while “in possession of a large number of illicit drugs and money”.

Police have said the three persons arrested on an operation carried forward on Monday are males of ages 31, 22, and 20-years-old. The nationalities of the arrested persons have not been revealed so far.

They were arrested from Parker House in Galolhu ward of capital Malé city.

Police recovered 53 packages containing what is suspected to be narcotics and equipment used for packaging them.

Police also searched the 20-year-old’s residence, finding an additional 58 packages and larger bags of narcotics as well as similar packaging equipment.

In an additional search of the 22-year-old’s residence, more than MVR150,000 (US$9,700) was recovered.