Two persons arrested for theft

Maldives Police Services have announced that they have recovered part of MVR 50,000 stolen from an individual’s safe in the island of Madifushi in Thaa Atoll.

According to police, the underage daughter of the safe’s owner stole the money and gave it to her partner.

Police have arrested two Maldivian men aged 18 and 22. The 22 year old is reported to have a previous record of robbery and drug abuse. The men were arrested from a boat that arrived in Malé on Wednesday morning (June 18).

Police said they discovered MVR 27,000 from the 22 year old’s baggage and another MVR 3,300 from his wallet.

“While being questioned, the 22 year old man confessed that the money was given to him by his romantic partner on his request. He further stated that he has spent some of the stolen money, and hidden away MVR 15,000 on Madifushi,” police stated.

Police added that since the female accomplice is under the age of 18, she will be questioned in the presence of representatives from the Gender and Family Protection Unit.

Police have now recovered and returned a total of MVR 45,700 from the stolen MVR 50,000 to its owner.