Police disposes of 36 motorcycles

Police have disposed of 36 impounded motorcycles and six four-wheeled vehicles on Saturday (September 6) for the first time under the land vehicles law.

The vehicles were destroyed with an excavator at the Gaakoshi waste yard in Malé.

Malé City Council Director General Abdul Hameed Ali – a member of a committee formed between the council, transport authority, and police – told newspaper Haveeru that some of the vehicles disposed of yesterday included motorcycles impounded ten years ago.

Hameed said the committee hoped to dispose of vehicles in the tow yard once a month following due procedure allowing owners to reclaim the vehicles.

In July, police have announced that 722 vehicles impounded for illegal parking will be disposed of as no one has come forward to claim ownership of the vehicles.

The impounded vehicles included 156 motorcycles, 560 bicycles, and six four-wheelers (cars and pickups).

Police noted that only five vehicles were reclaimed by their owners from the tow yard following the last announcement.