Police investigating two sex crimes cases in Noonu Landhoo

Police have begun investigating allegations of a young man sexually assaulting his aunt and an elderly man abusing an under-age girl, both in Noonu Landhoo.

Sun Online reports that the male suspect in the child abuse case was above 65 years of age while the victim was only 10 years-old.

Local daily Haveeru however reports the girl as aged 11 and mentally unstable. Moreover, the newspaper claims that three witnesses saw the abuse late afternoon yesterday.

Landhoo Councillor Mohamed Fayaz told Haveeru that the suspect had left the island by ferry before police arrived in Landhoo today.

An islander from Landhoo meanwhile told Sun Online that the suspect had previously attempted to pay an under-age girl in exchange for sexual favours and had reportedly fled to nearby Mandhoo.

In the other case, a 16 year-old boy has been accused of attempting to sexually assault his aunt today while her husband was attending dawn prayers.

According to the councillor, the boy fled the scene when his approximately 50 year-old aunt woke up to his touching and started screaming.


One thought on “Police investigating two sex crimes cases in Noonu Landhoo”

  1. Can we send the list of perpetrators living down our road, reported and walking free... The old man who abused a mongoloid child in foster care, the best friend of the parents who abused all the girls in the house, the mother who agreed to allow her new husband to abuse her 9, 13 and 17 year old daughter, etc....
    And those who look on and say nothing.


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