Man sentenced to six months imprisonment for skinny dipping in Artificial Beach

The Criminal Court has sentenced a man to six months imprisonment after he was found guilty of ‘skinny dipping’ (swimming naked) in the Artificial Beach in Male’.

The Court said that Ali Niushad, of Henveiru Saarokuge’, had confessed to the crime and found him guilty of “objecting to order”.

In the Court, Niushad confessed that on February 26 he removed all of his clothes and went skinny dipping at 5:30am that morning.

The Criminal Court said his action violated article 88[a] of the Penal Code.

In February this year, the religious Adhaalath Party complained that tourists had been wearing improper clothing and consuming alcohol on Hulhumale’ beach in public, and that the area was becoming “a place where Maldivian families cannot visit.”

“People who own beach front houses have developed guest houses in the area, and as a result tourists coming to the guest houses have started to use the Hulhumale’ beach they would aresort beach,’’ said the Adhaalath Party in statement. “They have been in the beach wearing clothes that do not properly cover their body, and are swimming likewise.’’

The Adhaalath Party then cited “a reliable source” as claiming that tourists have been “putting up umbrellas and consuming alcohol under them on Hulhumale’ beach.”

Signs warning visitors not to wear bikinis have since been erected.


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  1. Afternoon two Fridays ago a Saudi woman fully clad in black came to Hulhumale beach, stripped her garb changed into a bikini and went swimming. Some naughty fellas watching her came and grabbed her clothes and ran off...

  2. Seriously, 6 months for this?
    Remember the woman who killed her 8 month year old kid, she got 6 months as well!
    Where is your head judicial system of Maldives, Where is your head?

  3. SIX months imprisonment for THIS? WHAT? Rapists and pedophiles get away with much much less, and many don't even end up in jail! That is how phucked up this country is.

  4. @ the Balrog, spot on. This guy should have just kept his clothes on and stabbed or abused or raped instead-he would be out of prison and free to walk the streets before the week is up.

  5. I knew the world was going mad, but I always thought The Maldives was a bit more tolerant. Six months for skinny dipping at 5.30am? I wonder who saw him. Was he being discrete or was he running around screaming 'LOOK AT ME'?

    Those responsible for policy seem to be more preoccupied with religion-based paranoia about 'sinful human bodies' and the potential for the sight of flesh to corrupt your people, than with far more serious issues.

    Don't get me wrong, in the UK we have laws against 'indecent exposure', but I think it unlikely that anyone would be sentenced to more than a caution or possibly a small fine for a first offence.

    I cannot be the only westerner who reads these reports and the more such trivialities come to light, the more your reputation as a tolerant nation will be tarnished. That cannot be good for a country whose only international product is tourism and I happen know several Maldivians who feel the same way.

    The Maldives projects an image of a tourist's paradise. A place where people of all races, cultures and nationalities can enjoy a break from their normal existence to soak up the sun on your glorious islands and swim in your sparkling reefs. Give them the impression that you actually abhor them wearing bikinis or drinking alcohol or not sharing your religious beliefs and you seriously risk making them feel unwelcome.

    If you truly want to embrace tourism and avail yourselves of the prosperity it brings, it is not the bikini you should be banning from the beaches, but the burka. I frankly find this particular garment and the hateful, religious restrictions and discrimination it represents for the wearer to be a far more offensive sight on Hulhumale Beach than a woman in a bikini or a man with his shirt off. Yes, I know I could go somewhere else if I don't like it, and I respect your right to tell me so. But would you be honest enough to print that in a holiday brochure and would you really want thousands of tourists to do exactly that?

  6. @Kevin Aimes we have a reputation as a tolerant nation? i suppose you're only reference is tourist brochures!!

  7. Kevin Armes - you do have some good points in your comment. Though i think skinny dipping at this place is to step over the line.....but six months in prison??
    As some others here are saying: "what about other more serious crimes who walk away with much less??"
    The religion we should respect and do follow the rules of where consumption of alcohol is allowed and wearing "western" swimwear - in the resorts, reserved for tourists.
    And skinny dipping cannot happen either in Hulhumale or Male itself.
    But again - any politician, either religious or other - to go against tourism should be with better tactics and smarter words. If tourism start to fail here in Maldives, then we are in deep, deep trouble. There is a saying: "Dont cut the branch you are sitting on in the three". There are countries coming up now who will give Maldives serious competition for the same tourists...Sri Lanka, Butan, Vietnam, Cambodia and others in this region of the world. If you want tourists to prefer these before Maldives, then seriously start thinking alternatives for income to this country - there are not many to choose from.

  8. Kevin,

    It's more complicated than that. Fundamentalist religious fervour in Maldives is probably at its highest in history today. Now the conundrum of dependency on haram tourist dollars versus the desire for a religious lifestyle of the 7th century is proving too much. We violate our constitution in every step we take. Most people either do not comprehend this or have their heads buried in the sand.

    What justice, honestly and morality do you expect from a society which is living a lie?

    Don't get me wrong, I am a Muslim and I would like to have religious values for myself. What I don't believe is enforcing religious laws which force many people to live a lie. I believe the strength of a faith does not require laws to enforce it.

    (If you have any doubts about what I say- Read a few rambling, irrational tirades towards me below)

  9. One friday around 5:00am in the morning i was only wearing my shorts and smoking a cigarette in front of my door talking to some of my neighbours same age of me. there was about six of us and all of the sudden this police jeep stops and asks me (only me) for a body check up. I stripped naked and gave the policeman the short i was wearing and I said check as much as you want cuz i don't have anything on me now. The police man turned around to the other side as if he'd never seen a naked guy and asked me to wear it and took off quickly. hahaha! funniest day of my life!

  10. Well you know. Do not blame AP.
    Adhaalath party is adamant to enforce Islamic values. According to them, all the things that are disallowed on this life, that people dream on about, will be available in heaven.

    1) For some, 70 virgin girls for every man.
    2) For some others, Rivers of wine, served by naked young boys.

    So until then, they would choke any and all pleasures. And usually, the most vocal activist against the activity tends to be the person, who most desire the pleasure on earth.

  11. yalla yalla! oriyaambodus on the beach!

    20+ murderers always in 1km range with anyone living in male'.

    skinny dipper in prison! hahaha!!!

  12. Now Adalat and people who agree that there should be no skinny dipping, inappropriate clothing is mad? When has the Maldives accepted public nudity? And that has made the Maldives more intolerant? We DO NOT need to have values the same as those in the UK. We are a Muslims majority nation where everyone who lives here have to adhere to our values. Special privileges are given to tourist resorts and these resorts are out of bounds for the general public and skinny dipping is prohibited even there. It is mentioned in all tourist information pamphlets. Hulhumale' or the artificial beach are not resorts and westerners have to abide by the rules made.

  13. i like omen's comment.

    look at your life maldivian judiciary. look at your choices.

    you stupid bitch.

  14. 6 months social work could have been a better punishment..."imprisonment" too harsh.

  15. Six months imprisonment for skinny swimming is too harsh. The accused should have been warned, an undertaking for not doing in future taken and should have been released.

    Some recent cases: Murder accused given 8-months sentence; 14-time accused was released citing no evidence. Time to review our judicial system?

  16. For skinny dipping 6 month is too much if it's 1st time can punish pay penalty some amount or warning , so in male killing Childs also 6 months I'm shock actualy I understan male is very hot and this hot is effecting to many people is brain about tourists n alcohol it's they r life stile they have been doing this all they life can't complain for this we Muslims should have very strong imaan n not forget who we r n what is porhibited in Quran for us live our life stay away from people who drinks ,,,,

  17. You can't throw someone in jail for indecent exposure! You fine them. Sentence them to community service. Not stick them with drug dealers, thieves, and murders.

    This is like 6 months for having porn! If it was Kiddy porn, then yes, that is more than understandable. But regular porn, like what you find in half the movies that exist in the world today!? Getting six months for having that is ridiculous!

    This is a stupid thing to have to fight for. Naked people and lonely losers who need to watch porn, but still to throw them in jail for this is absolutely ridiculous!

    Maybe the skinny dipper thought no one was around, and decided he didnt want to walk home wearing wet underwear. Who cares?!?! REALLY?!!? What pervert was watching the guy as he did it? Or was the guy some nut job exhibitionist?! In which case should he lose his freedom?!

    This is ridiculous. All of it. Can someone please tell me which judge decided this is a good idea? I think its time we start making sure that judges are held accountable. That the ones in the pockets of drug dealers who are mad at themselves for selling out, don't continue to take it out on unsuspecting nudists.

    Actually the truth is no one's going to make a real issue about nudists and lonely losers who's best friend is their right hand. I'm sure as hell not going to. I'll write this comment, and count that as doing my part for all of them. Good luck ya'll.. You're all on your own.

  18. EXCELLENT !!!

    Minivan News has done it again. Bring in the stripper news and attach a piece about Adhaalat Party and its comment on HulhuMale' beach.

    Tie the religious string once again!

    There were many parties (including govt institutions) which commented on the HulhuMale' beach issue. Yet, you bring AP only into this.

  19. I believ the punishment he gotwas alright. Six months is not that bad for what he did. But yeah the punishments which our judges give to those who commit serious crimes (murderers, paedophiles, drug abusers and dealers) are far too leniant and less. Thats something we need to talk about. And for Mr Kevin, I think the routist who come to Maldives have enough freedom to do whatever they want inside the resorts where they stay when they come to Maldives. We dont need to remove the burkas of our Mums and sisters to impress you. Are we asking your nuns and preists to be naked on the streets to impress us? So talk some senses. Tourism in Maldives doesnt mean we have to cross our lines to impress you. You have to respect our culture and religion too if you are visiting our country. Don't ask us to change for the way you want. The problems which the Maldives are facing right now are high levels of crimes and violences, this is what we need to work on as a nation, not remove our burkas or do skinny dipping to impress you westerners.


  21. @ Salim waheed
    u dnt have to prove that u watch porn daily and do 'stuff' with it. i think everyone understand the kind of people in your father's government. All porn stars!

  22. @Omen: Good observation.

    @Excellent: Because AP is the most extreme party in Maldives.

    @Salim W: Yes, it is ridiculous.
    There is something seriously wrong in the Court/Judge/System.

  23. rape elderly people? no problem! f..k goats? go ahead! sexually abuse kids? ok! beat women? yes please more! kill others for some stupid gang pride? great! corruption in politics? daily routine! but to go swimming in the way we are born..without the first humans on this earth that deserves 6 months in prison! wow seriously great justice system..try and make a better understanding between religion and law..this nation is falling apart faster than the speed of light..good luck to everyone!

  24. @Ibrahim Yasir

    I didn't say I advocated skinny dipping. I said I thought the punishment didn't fit the crime. I didn't say I wanted your women to remove their burkas. I simply said I found the sight of them and their symbolism more offensive than a woman in a bikini or a man with his shirt off, neither of which I find offensive in the slightest. Why is it acceptable for Maldivian men to be seen in a pair of shorts but not for the women to wear a bikini? Or any garment slightly revealing? Maybe the clue is in your statement that 'you do not need to remove the burkas from our mums and sisters to impress you'. Don't you mean ASK them if they would LIKE to remove them? Or would that be too much equality of the sexes for you to handle?

    Incidentally, I also feel nuns and priests are equally deluded in their beliefs and the restrictions they burden themselves with, but that is their choice. They choose to join the church or monastery or convent of their own free will. Do all Muslim women wear their religious garbs out of choice or out of 'persuasion' by their male 'superiors'?

    I did not wish to demand that anyone be allowed to go naked on the streets. So perhaps it is you who needs to talk some sense. But neither do I wish hear that because some shepherds wrote a book many years ago, outlying their primitive view of morality, that a man should lose 6 months of his life for going into the sea at 5.30am in the morning dressed as you believe god made him! If your god is so ashamed of his human creation why doesn't he use his omnipotent powers to ensure we are dressed in the womb? And yes that is deliberately ridiculous because it's what some of the arguments here deserve.

    The burka is simply a male invention to prevent other men from coveting his 'property' and it suits your male orientated religion and your male insecurities to perpetrate the tradition. A nun on the other hand has vowed to stay away from men and so the 'uniform' could be regarded as the means to display that commitment. Nonetheless, I have never seen a nun wearing a wimple whilst bathing because they are allowed to wear a modest bathing suit when swimming or on the beach.

    So why do you want your women sitting on Hulhumale Beach clad from head to toe in black? Is it because your god intended them to enjoy his sun and his beaches and his sea in this way, or is it because you don't want other men casting them admiring glances? Try to be honest, eh. 🙂

  25. @Kevin Armes

    "The burka is simply a male invention to prevent other men from coveting his ‘property’ and it suits your male orientated religion and your male insecurities to perpetrate the tradition."

    You are only half right here. The burka has absolutely NOTHING to do with Islam. It's a cultural hangover from some distant lands that has been imported here.

    You'll here fanatics arguing otherwise about the burka and that it's an Islamic dress. That's an outright lie! Let them dream of wine, virgins, young boys etc after they wake up from their death! That's why they are blowing themselves up the world over... a bit of a shock when they don't find the wine or the virgins... too late.

    Seriously, what started out as a good intention by parents in sending their kids abroad to Pakistan and such places has turned into a nightmare. Their parents didn't expect these kids to be taught the intolerance and phobia that's on the curriculum in these places. I think we lost control of a generation or two of young people. Half of them are on drugs and the other half are ready to blow themselves up! Which is worse? I can't decide...

  26. A woman clad in Islamic attire more offensive that one in a bikini. Yeah, offensive since some can't see what they want. And western lifestyle is not a male invention? You've got everything sorted out to your needs. Bars, night clubs, strippers...etc(although sexual freedom was introduced lately) everything was designed for the average man to satisfy his needs. No?

  27. @Ahmed Bin Addu Bin Suvadheeb
    Thank you for your comment. It seems we both have genuine fears for our future generations.

  28. I am yet to see or read, stated in the Holy Quran, that we will only go to heaven if we follow the Wahhaabis... So, I don't find any reason to believe them or their followers.... Burka, Beards, Cropped pants, Bakari rearing or raping or whatnot!!! Enough of this fundie crap already!

  29. This is about a sentence THE CRIMINAL COURT has passed we are commenting on!
    So it can be criminal as it can be!
    This is no joke!

    In our country, it is possible to walk away with daylight murder!
    It is no big crime! OR;
    Peddling dope around the corners or switching dollars out on the street is no big deal! It is a common thing; nothing to worry about!

    But taking a skinny / bikini dip as these freaky guy and lady or be seen in a pair of shorts are all criminal!

    This is what JUSTICE and POLICING is boiled down to in this country!

    Can this be one way of calling for migration?!

  30. Don't worry Salim. We know you are neither a porn star nor obsessed with porn since I'm sure u get your fill of the real thing. 😉

  31. I wish we were to live naked! the whole world! than we'll get used to it n would not be a problem. more like african tribes! see how cool they are! and how stupid you all are.

  32. To All;

    I read in dismay while some are faulting adaalath party and most going at the religion as the issue here. Maybe that's not all.

    We voted you, Mr. Nasheed; to be our next generation president. Now sitting and watching the drama series called "rayyithunge Majlis"; I realize that pple are so much more made of destruction and lies. So much of it that the citizens are getting fed up. ADAALATH, MDP, DRP, its all the same.

    Over the last 6 months, after the war in Sri Lanka, tourism has been growing in an alarming rate. With all this turmoil and none caring bout the nation, we are going at nothing but loss. convince me otherwise. Sri lanka is not the option the guests have...the whole asia is here. This paradise is loosing its value bcz of politics and politics alone.

    Male cannot, should not be used as a tourist resort. We have our children and families living here. If allowed, make no mistake...40% of the guests will secretly drink alcohol and 60% of Madivian teens will buy/get from them and be drunk.

    2. Laws of Maldives- CRAP. How can you sentence a man for 6 months for swimming naked? if its in islamic shariah, i condemn it. and if its in the laws of maldives (which presides over islam in maldives) then i condemn it now what would my sentence be? I bet 1 year? Maybe laws in UK may be lenient on such cases bcz its not a muslim country. So the way its seen, imposed will be different in Maldives which claims to be 100% wait, 99.99%. But still, have anyone heard about "being reasonable"? or maybe "sane"?


    Man sentenced to six months imprisonment for skinny dipping in Artificial Beach???

    Criminal Court imprisons murdered child’s mother for six months over negligence
    By Ahmed Nazeer | April 6th, 2011 | Category: Society | 30 comments

    So basically, which one is bad? i'd rather go on a killing rampage than having a swim early morning naked.

    What would you choose? its the same sentence so you are in for 6 months. i can be probably out in 3.

  34. Shabash maxed4901 u write all in my hearth I also want to know all about this , and
    My advice. If womens n girls wear burka the way in Muslims should wear there a will be less rapping or .... Our some !!! Womens n girls wearing burka but ! To much modernize I see girls with burka on the rood like fish in the water shaking they body's like asking come talk to me what is this !!! It's insulting our Muslim dress of course coz of this there mostly pple n tourist not respect they thinks sure they will remove burka when go beach or .... So my advise if u take good for u , if u want to wear burka than wear how it's our Muslims should wear another ways remove pls don't insult Muslim dress what is the use of wearing burka n jeans short tshirts we Muslim girls have cover only our heads !!! Pls go n ask the person who teach u to wear burka if u r wearing yr wish then ask from elders , this msg only for the women n girls who not wear normal Muslim dress

  35. That was a valid sentencing. I don't really know much about the law here but I'm sure walking around or as in this case swimming around in your birthday suit is not legal. This guy was asking for it. He could've just got some shorts or if even wore his boxers. But he just had to show off his goodies! hah
    And I do agree that the "System" of this country is really messed up.

  36. We all know that indecent exposure is illegal...
    But is a fair judicial system too much ask?
    And of the first offense, some people are given the privilege of the first offense!!
    We all know this government is f****d!!
    And we all know that every f***in judge is corrupted!
    Fun part is, these f***in judges get rich for ruining our lives!!
    The larger the sentence the more they get paid!!
    And now even 15 year olds are prosecutable to months in prison!!
    So I guess the larger the crime, the lesser you get to pay for it!!!
    YES WE ARE F***ED!!!!

  37. Astaafurullo!!
    That's what you think!!
    Guess how many rape cases happens in Saudi Arabia each month!
    Bur'q'aa or not, raping will happen...
    Rapists are desperate sickos!!
    They just rape any woman!!
    Haven't you heard of the recent 75 year old woman rape case?
    It doesn't matter if a woman wears a barrel over her head, the bastards will rape her!!!!!!!!


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