Police seize alcohol from residence in Malé

Police have arrested a 30-year-old Indian national after discovering 17 bottles of alcohol in his residence in the capital Malé.

Police said Galolhu Naseemge was searched with a court warrant around 11:15am today after receiving intelligence information suggesting the male suspect was selling alcohol.

The suspect had been renting a room in the house, police noted, and the liquor was found in 500ml bottles.


One thought on “Police seize alcohol from residence in Malé”

  1. Some people are rather keen to find somethings while the same people hesitate or isolate from looking into things that are more appropriate and more necessary!
    Alcohol is forbidden for Muslims.
    So is gambling!
    Some unreported incidents where some high ranking officials playing at gambling tables have been looked into like thunderbolts; while others are passed by in very cool manner!


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